Our Imperfect Brain

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Psychology is an interesting and broad topic. Over the semester, I have learned a lot from lectures, discussion sections, and the textbook. It's true that we forget a lot of the stuff we've learned once a class is over. However, five years from now, I think I will remember that psychology isn't definite: our understanding of ourselves and other people will continue to evolve as new scientific knowledge is discovered. Psychology is about testing new hypothesis and working against our natural biases to reveal something about human nature.

I think I will remember that because our brain processes so much information, we often use mental shortcuts to help streamline that information. Heuristics and schemas help us a lot in life; they lessen our brain's workload and help us concentrate on more important and demanding tasks. However, they aren't always perfect. Our brains can deceive us, our memories may change, but that's what makes us human. We have biases that we have to overcome as we do not always accurately judge situations or how situations can affect us. Our brains may not be perfect, but they do do a lot for us.


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