Personality: Problems and Possibilities!


This semester has been loaded with a lot of memorable topics. The thing I will remember the most from the class is the activity we did in discussion when talking about personality.

After taking a personality assessment, we were placed in groups of like-personalities. We were given the task of planning a vacation together. The activity did a good job of highlighting the differences between personality types. The group that I was a part of was very detailed and conscientious of what could happen on our trip. We planned every feature which is the same thing that I do when planning my own personal vacations. This all seemed standard to me until the other groups shared their planned trips. The other groups were so different from my group and my personal opinion of how to plan a trip. This activity was interesting because while it was easy for each group to decide on vacation details, if the groups had been intermixed, things would have been a lot different. In fact, in the real world and especially in job settings, personality types will be mixed and it is essential that we are still able to work together. The characters in NBC's Parks and Recreation do a nice job of this. They all have very unique and diverse personalities, but are still able to meet their goals. No matter where we fall on The Big Five, getting past differences is vital and I will always remember my psych discussion on personality types when I need a reminder of that.

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I really enjoyed this topic too. I think the vacation planning activity was really memorable and something I thought of while participating was the StrengthsQuest test. I know that all freshman have to take the test now and they're incorporating them into their classes to work together as diverse groups... all based on personality! Kind of a cool way to think about group work and personality clashes.

For me, this was not a topic that I will probably remember. I think this might be because of my personality actually. I remember this activity and I was put into a group where no one really cared what happened. One of us would just say an idea and all of us would agree. There really was not controversy. I also liked how you included a real world example that most of us can relate too. Good post Anne!

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