I really like how your post outlines the different reasons for attraction that our text books described! When reading your post, I wondered if maybe the reason Hollywood loves to make these "opposites attract" movies, that often include total opposites magically falling in love and living happily ever after, because they are so rare in real life. People love fantasy, and maybe it is fun for people to wish that there is a chance for radically different people to find love, even though similar personalities and interests are a major indicator of the success of a relationship.

I love that movie! I really like watching how Margaret and Andrew think they're so different and can't even imagine being together until they actually start to get to know each other. Just goes to show how much similarity, proximity, and reciprocity do truly affect our feelings for other people.

Through this example, I also knew that there are not always perfect proximity, similarity and reciprocity. Of course there cannot be perfect things in adapting the three principles to our real life because there are lots of variances variables. However, I think the principles of attracting someone is pretty believable factors in attracting someone according to the statistics. Actually, I think Andrew and Margaret didn't have much proximity. Although they worked in a same company, their situation couldn't good to become intimate due to their positions which refers to boss and a subordinate. Therefore, I still support the three principles. How about adapting them to your past experiences?

I think that "when opposites attract" is a very broad and sweeping claim about relationships that begin through dislike. I think that in those situations our prejudices about another person will prevent us from wanting to get to know someone for who they really are. When we let those barriers down there is a good chance our pre-concieved notions will be falsified and we may actually like what we find

I like how you relate this learning to the movie! It is very interesting. I think that "opposites attract" is a rare case since we tend to favor someone who is more similar to us. Therefore, this romantic-relationship of Margaret and Andrew is hard to find in reality because with no similarity, they will have to deal with conflicts due to disagreement.

By the way, I would like to watch this movie sometime later!!

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