Psychology is very helpful in daily life!

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Psychology is very closely related to almost everything in our life. This is my first time to actually take Psychology course, and I am glad that I took this course because I learned so much valuable information out of it. When I think back, this is not the first time that Psychology has influenced or has been helpful in my life time.
When I was in high school, there were four girls whom I was very close with. Including me, there were five and we hung out together all the time and we were there for each other whenever we needed to. However, due to one conflict, we were not on good terms of harmony with each other. Further, a group of five girls became to split into two groups. It was like a disaster to all of us at that moment because we really wanted to get along with each other well and did not want to lose anyone. When we were struggling for weeks for this problem, one of our friends suggested visiting the school counselor. With difficulty, we finally persuaded the others to get counseling. When we were talking to the counselor, we realized that our fight began with a trivial misunderstanding. With help from the counselor, we became to resolve the misunderstanding. Now when I think about this happening, I am so glad that we went to talk to the counselor because that really helped solving the conflicts. Without the help of the counselor, we wouldn't have been able to remain as good friends until now.

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