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A concept of psychology that I think I'll remember the most five years from now is probably within the realm of behaviorism. I found the idea of reinforcement, in particular, to be very interesting. I find this to be an interesting concept because it can apply to so many aspects of life. Whether it be training a pet or encouraging positive behavior in children, consistent reinforcement is crucial to success.

I think that this concept will stick with me in the next five years because I find it so relevant to daily activities. I have five little siblings and a wild puppy. What I learned in psychology about reinforcement has provided me with an understanding of how to manage more desirable behaviors and affective means of punishment. I try to apply what I've learned to be more successful and reasonable with my approaches.

Of course, when it came to my siblings, I already had a general idea of how conditioning worked. What psychology did was clarify and give a name to this concept that was already relevant to my life. With my puppy, I definitely have a better idea of how to encourage desired behaviors after learning about conditioning (both operant and classical).

I believe that these concepts will follow through with my life as I gain different behaviors and see others with theirs. I will be more aware of how things like dependency occur and have a general strategy for many situations that may occur later in my life.

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