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The bystander effect pretty much means that if there is a large number of people that witness an act of violence, that no body will report it because they all think someone else will do it. It is a big problem because it can mean life or death for a victim. A classic example of this was story of Kitty who was stabbed several times, but nobody called the cops because they assumed one of the other witnesses would do it.

I can think of a really good example that plays role in today's world. First answer this question: How many of you have seen a drunk driver late at night? Did you call the police? If you did then good for you, if you didn't, you most likely fell prey to the bystander effect. Don't feel bad thought because I have done the exact same thing. Another example that could be used today was if you witnessed a big fight, and there were multiple other people that witnessed it as well. It is pretty unlikely that this would happen, but looking out my window, that is what I thought about. What are some possible scenarios that you can think of where the bystander effect would come into play?


I would like to start off by saying lame post but I like how you involved the reader at the end. I completely agree with you about the bystander effect and watching fights, especially in high school. I feel this is something that everyone faces throughout their life in some form and thanks for the great post.

I agree with your opinion. I also heard about bystander effect and I thought about it once. However, If I'm in the situation as a one of the large number of people, I also can be a bestander because people don't want to be involved a serious situation and people also generally think that another person will help the person who is in a dangerous situation. Here is a way to avoid the dagerous situation. If you are the person who is in the dagerous situation and can see many people who just witnessd the situation, you have to indicate a person. If so, the person will not avoid the situation and help you! Let's keep in mind.

These are all good situations in which the bystander effect takes place. Another situation is when bullying occurs especially in middle school and high school. Many people will realize that this is occurring and is wrong, but will never do anything and allow the bullying to keep occurring. Maybe this situation has to do more with fear of the bully or being a snitch, which could also lead to the bystander effect in which they believe they will let someone else deal with the situation.

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