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This introductory psychology class has been a lot of work but it was also quite interesting, which is a nice change from other required classes. I think the concept I will use the most in my future is the theory of attraction. This is a major concept that people will use when making one of the most major decisions of a person's life, choosing a lifelong partner. Starting during adolescence, males and females develop these new feelings of attraction towards the opposite sex. These feelings continue for the rest of one's life. As a person enters all levels of school, they start to develop relationships. Although these young, immature relationships usually don't last, they still have these feelings and they are acted out through the relationships. As people age they still look for mates. Typically as people leave college they start to consider people to be their potential lifelong partner and resulting in marriage. This seems to be a major driving force in people's lives. Work and other things may get in the way but they seem to take a backseat to a person's love life. This is why I consider the theory of attraction to be a major takeaway from this class.

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I think you're right that the theory of attraction is something that can be easy to identify with and relate to. It really is something that dominates much of our lives. The course did a good job of describing the science that goes behind attraction and into relationships. I had never really thought about my personal emotions in such a scholarly way before this, but can honestly say that it was interesting to think about.

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