Stress Will Stay With Us

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Looking back on all we have learned this year, the one concept that I will remember is going to be stress. This is because stress is going to be in our lives until we die. It's a part of our life and no matter what we do it will stay here. I learned a lot from the teachings and chapter on stress. I learned a lot about the health consequences and how stress can come about. However, the most important concepts I learned were the concepts on how to cope with stress. No matter where my life takes me, it will be important for me to know how to deal with stress. Social support will always be a big help and I also can use the different types of control that the book talked about. I also think that a big player in my future will be staying healthy. The book talked about how being healthy can lead to less stressful lives and that's important for me because I am very unhealthy right now. I'll need to start getting better, and I should see my stress levels go down. There are certainly other concepts that I learned this year that I will remember, but I don't think i will remember any better than the concepts of stress.

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Nice job on recognizing something that will stick with us forever in psychology. Social support truly is key in all our lives. All of us probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our parents. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and let's hope it will lead to a less stressful life.

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