Stressed in five years? Ask me how to deal?


When I looked back at this semester and reminisce on all the things we learned, one thing really sticks out to me: stress. This whole year I have really been stressed out by the transition, school work, environment, and track. Stress has affected me badly here. I have had sickle cell trait crises and it all relates back to the stress and hydration. A buildup of stress can also cause headaches, digestive problems, eating disorders, insomnia, fatigue, and lower our resistance to other illnesses like colds and flu. I decided to be active about remembering and acting upon way to relieve stress. I've learned so many ways to deal with stress this semester. One thing I think I feel like it helps me a lot is proactive coping. I anticipate my stressful situations that promotes effective coping. Additionally, I talk to my friends about my problems instead of holding it in. I make daily planner as well now and eat healthier. When I feel just a little bit stress, I take breaks or take naps. In five years, I'll be able to tell my friends how to deal with stress if they need my help.


I too was affected quite strongly with my transition to school. I am glad to see that others have felt the same way I did over the past few months. One of my favorite things to do is make lists and check each item off when I completely them making me less stressed about not completing everything, but instead taking it one at a time. The lectures on stress pointed out great points that also helped me and I have also been able to help my friends. I am sure I too will be using these techniques down the road.

As another person to have been really streesed out this semester, I am very sorry to hear that you suffered so much from stress. I hope you are all recovered from the sickle cell trait crises. Prior to learning about stress this year in psychology, I did not really know how to deal with stress and I think when stress is not dealt with properly, the effect of it is even more harmful. Talking to friends rather than holding in is definitely a great way to deal with stress, and also having daily plans and eating healthier will surely help to deal with stress. From personal experience, I think hobbies is a great way to relieve stress, like playing your favorite sports or going on an impromptu vacation.

It is definitely a dramatic change coming from high school to college. A change that some cannot handle very well for a long time. However, it is important to never let this fear and anxiety get to you because it is never worth it. I think coming to a realization of why you're hear and the good college is doing for you're character should be motivation enough to do you're best and not worry about the little things. Great article and hope you can battle that unwanted stress

Oh, I am so glad you survived and can even help others. Sometimes, only when we have been to there, will we know how hard it is to go through it. Good luck, brave girl! :)

Oh, I am so glad you survived and can even help others. Sometimes, only when we have been there, will we know how hard it is to go through it. Good luck, brave girl! :)

Stress is a very critical topic to study for college students, and you've made this very clear! This psychology course really opened my eyes to the many dimensions of stress and how widespread it truly is across humanity at all stages of life. I think it is great that we can now understand different approaches, how it is measured, different methods of coping, and the effects that stress can have. I was especially intrigued when learning about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I can't even begin to imagine experiencing such a traumatic event such as a school shooting or plane crash, but can only sympathize for the people that have gone through these traumatic events and suffer from PTSD because of them.

Most of the issues that have caused you stress have also greatly affected me. Trying to get a good GPA, transition from high school to college, and making new relationships have all caused me a lot stress in my first year of college. I think our psychology class did a really good job covering the subject of stress and teaching on different ways to cope with it. I plan on applying some of the techniques we covered in psychology to help me deal with stressful situations in the future

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