Studying psychology and my future

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During this semester, I could learn many things through psychology class. Although I had a hard time studying this course, I could have a chance to experience psychology. Especially, I recognized that I'm interested in child psychology.
For now, I'm considering majoring in child psychology. I knew I like children, but I didn't think about studying the field more so far. However, by studying the chapter about child psychology, I even thought about my future job. That is, by changing my major, my future can be different from the original plan of mine. Anyway, this course made me think about a new field of a study.
Also, the chapter about the children can be helpful when I have a baby in the future. It can be five years later from now. I will remember the contents of PSY1001 course and I will use them. Not only I use child psychology chapter in the future, but also I can use other chapters sometimes. Personality of Emotion was also interesting field for me. By studying about them, I could think my and other people's feature about personality or emotion. Sometimes I will be able to know the reason of a person's behavior approximately. Isn't it interesting?

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