Talking to with a child's limited world

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When talking with my 5-year-old niece about things she often has a wide variety of things to say and what she imagines. She thinks that she is a princess and she thinks that everyone loves puppies and should eat candy all day. Normal 5-year-old thing to believe. There are times thought when I notice she says very similar things that relate to Piaget's theory of Assimilation and Accommodation. The process of absorbing new information into current schemas is Assimilation, where Accommodation is altering the schema to make it more appropriate for the situation. My niece was in the stage of assimilation; for example while driving along one day a limo passed us by and she was excited by the length and exclaimed, "Look at the Tall people car!" At first I laughed but then thought she is using some assimilating to recognize that long cars are for longer, taller people. I saw this same thing once again when she said I was older than my sister because my birthday month comes first. She figured that since the months come in order its does so with age as well because someone turns that age first. In both cases she had learned accommodation but was still in the stage of assimilation because those things made the most sense to her.

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It is very interesting to see how psychologists' discoveries actually apply to real world examples. Although I am sure that I would have gone through the same stage as your niece, she seems so adorable and cute to think in such way. It is very fascinating to see that we now think in a very different way to how a five-year old would think which shows that our cognitive processes have developed by far as growing up. After learning psychological concepts, we tend to see our world in such way and applying those concepts which makes our life much interesting.

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