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Throughout the semester, I have learned a lot of things about the field of psychology. To me, one of the most interesting concepts i learned was the confirmation bias. The confirmation bias means to seek out evidence that supports our hypothesis and deny, dismiss, or distort evidence that contradicts them. I think that the confirmation bias is an one aspect of psychology that I observe almost every day and I think that it is important to keep in mind. I see a lot of friends and family who demonstrate the confirmation bias when talking about school, the news, and just about any other subject. At times, I even find myself using the confirmation bias and try to keep in mind to look at both sides of the subject. The reason I think that this happens is because people do not like to be proven wrong. They tend to only look at the evidence that supports their opinions and disregard other evidence refuting their claim. This is especially hard for me because I like to know what i am talking about and do not like to be proven wrong. Overall, I need to keep in mind that I need to look at all evidence for both sides of an argument, and remember to use the 6 scientific keys in order to make sure i am correct


I think this is a great goal to look over for the rest of your life. I believe a lot of Americans are scared of being wrong/failing. Thats why we "choose" the conformation bias. That's why many of us buy into realism. But just like many say, realism is the most common path to mediocracy. Us Americans have a great deal of greed and want everything we say and do to be correct so we can be the best. Accepting your wrong in some areas is key to adapting to failure later in life. I believe the confirmation bias directly relates to this concept of accepting one's wrong. Great blog post and goal.

I agree with you here. I also like to well be right most of the time. I find it very interesting to apply this to political discussions. I think this is where a lot of confirmation bias takes place, because American democrats and republicans are both very strong in their political opinions. People will seem to ignore any fact that goes against their belief system.

I think you've stated this very well. If I have learned anything in college so far, it is that there is always someone with another opinion, answer, or outtake. It truly is an incredible thing that we can live in a diverse world with so many ways to answer and understand problems. I think this psychology course has done a good job of presenting the fact that humans are diverse and have things that make them unique and special, but at the same time we all have certain core things in common. In your effort to strive against the mold of personal confirmation bias, I think that you are opening yourself up to a world of wonderful possibilities.

I agree with what you have said. I find it interesting that confirmation bias is apart of everyone and that everyone does it even though the don't realize they are doing it. I feel that now that I am aware of this knowledge I will be able to spot out others when they are doing this. It is very interesting that such little things like this can make such a big difference.

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