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Almost everyone has heard of the Hollywood Cookie Diet at one time or another, but is it a the proper way to lose weight or just a hoax? At first glance, the cookie diet looks like a great way to lose weight. You can lose weight fast and don't have to give up eating sweets. Even celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Kelley Clarkson, Howard Stern, and Jennifer Hudson claim that the cookie diet has helped them lose weight. But when you get a closer look at how the diet works, you find out that it's not the healthy way to lose weight. The cookie diet requires the dieter to eat four cookies a day. Two replacing breakfast and lunch, and the other two cookies for snacks in-between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Each cookie is around 150 calories and is created to make the person feel full after eating each one. For dinner, the cookie diet requires the person to eat a moderate meal equalling 400-500 calories. The good part of the cookie diet is that it comes in four different kinds of cookies and each one contains 13 minerals, vitamins, protein, and fiber. But the cons far out way the pros. The cookie diet is designed to drastically reduce a person's caloric intake to make the body burn the fat it already has. This low daily intake of calories can cause the body's metabolism to slow down and make the body burn less and less calories. When the body's metabolism slows down, this in turn causes the person to lose less and less weight. The cookie diet can also cause harm to the body, as the calorie intake is lower than what doctors recommend. After a while, the dieter may stop using the cookie diet because of this slowed weight loss and when they go back to a normal eating routine, this can cause the person to actually gain weight. Overall, the Hollywood Cookie diet may help a person lose weight in the short run, but if a person really wants to lose weight and keep if off, the cookie diet is not a good choice. Instead, people should make healthy and wise choices on choosing what to eat and exercise regularly to lose weight properly.wpid-51ko3RO2dpL.jpg



I think most people would be foolish to still believe eating a cookie will make you skinny and beautiful. But this would be beneficial to do if you were also working out. You could counter-act the slowing of your metabolism by lifting weights, which I have been told is a good way to boost metabolism. Then you can use the cookie-diet as a way of not eating unhealthy foods. So i wouldn't totally dismiss this as a weight loss technique, but people need to realize there is no easy solution to weight-losswithout putting in the work.

I have actually never heard of this diet. These cookies must have massive amounts of fiber in them to make one feel that full off of them (granted some of those celebrities are small). Your comment on the end of the post is exactly what I was thinking. This diet actually could work if a person using it were to exercise and maintain a higher metabolism. Otherwise, much of the diet sounds like a hoax that could be substituted by a fiber & protein rich diet. Otherwise, great choice for a post! It quickly attracted my attention.

This is an interesting example of how the media can blow the benefits of not-so-great things out of proportion. Something related to this that I found interesting is skipping breakfast. Like eating the cookies (depriving your body of the normal calories and other nice foods it needs) skipping breakfast makes your body's metabolism slow down because it's naturally trying to conserve the body energy that would otherwise be obtained through breakfast. Starting back up again can cause weight gain, which is not the intended effect.

I agree with your opinion. Actually, I can imagine I only eat some cookies as my meals. Maybe, it will change my body condition and there will be nutrition imbalance although cookie contains 13 minerals, vitamins, protein, and fiber. In addition, eating just one food will harm our health nevertheless the food is anything. Therefore, those reckless behavior like cookie diet have to be rejected.

I have heard of this diet before, but didn't buy into it along with many other diet programs that are hyped up by the media. Losing weight in the short run and so quickly is not only healthy, but it can be dangerous. The cookie diet fails to provide the proper nutrition found in fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods of the earth that have so many benefits. Although losing weight can be a hard process, it is worthwhile in the end to make modifications that are lasting and healthy for the body and metabolism. A more balanced way to lose weight and still enjoy sweets would be to have nutrient-rich foods/meals and the occasional cookie during the week. Along with exercise and resistance training, a person can make a lifestyle change (instead of saying a "diet") and see long-term results and feel better too! I really enjoyed reading your article and saw it as a reminder that to be healthy it takes motivation and discipline, but it is worthwhile to take care of our bodies.

This is an excellent find, and I am sure that some people do enjoy eating cookies all the time, but I am more used to cookies being a (somewhat) rare reward. And yes, a diet that does not include a fitness plan is not going to succeed, because of the reasons that you listed.

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