The Downward Spiral

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After reading the chapter about stress, I am forced to think about all of those people who spend all of their life trying to improve their performance on the job, and how their position depends on their ability to maintain a clear head and exceptional problem-solving skills. However, nobody is perfect, so sometimes they make an error on a project that delays it and someone else has to fix. Such mistakes are more tolerable from rookies, but when you have 25 years on the job, people expect you to be perfect. And although those high-ranking workers are better than the rest, they are still people. And when they mess up, more people are watching them and discussing those mistakes. Then the individual begins to worry about performance, which in term makes it even worse (the repression of thoughts does not work). And, at that position, where one mistake leads to more, it is very easy to disappoint your boss and be on your way home, which you can afford for only so long. So, the question is: is it worth it to have a high rank even if it means a single mistake can cost you your career, or is it better to stay in the middle of the pack?

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Haha! I like the way you think. I would suggest to think more strategically here. Being a high rank employee you have more power than others to some degree. From being managed you become a managing person. It may sound harsh but you start using people to do your work for you. If micro mistakes happen they are directed towards people that are being managed not the high-rank employee. If macro mistakes happen (like strategic planning) only then you are blamed, but this shows that you failed to direct people to do the right thing. Even in those cases high ranked employees have escape goats around them that might save them, and plenty other tricks.
Just a thought.

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