The Many Mysteries of the Brain...

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Having studied many different psychological concepts throughout this semester, some interesting, some not so much, I have found that learning about the psychological disorders is knowledge that I have gained that will stick with me for quite awhile. I discovered that learning of different psychological disorders was extremely interesting, especially autism and schizophrenia. The ways these diseases affect the individual and the symptoms they cause are quite fascinating. One of the most interesting parts of studying about psychological disorders was reading of different cases of individuals who are extremely intelligent but also suffer from diseases like schizophrenia. Here are people who are suffering from very severe disorders yet have high brain activity and are high in intelligence. I don't see these diseases as a hinder but more of a window to what the brain is capable of achieving and handling. It provides a different outlook on the mystery that is the brain. But what I found most important about all of this, and what I will always remember is that as much as we may know now about the brain, there is still so much that we don't know. The brain in an organ with more questions that answers and more mystery that anything else.

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That is amazing. I have a real example to tell you. There was a kid in the high-school. He had some psychological disorders. For example: you could shout "BOMB!" no matter when, no matter what that guy started jumping around class, jumping over desks, hiding behind chairs, and it lasted for about 5 minutes. We made fun of him every time we had an exam. That gave us opportunity to copy and cheat. Later our behavior was under severe control. :)
But that guy was the smartest guy in the city. I do not know if anybody heard of "The Golden Problem", but it is a math problem that the solution was known only by 3 people in the world, and it was 3 A4 papers long. Our guy solved it in a half of page. :))

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