The relationship between Harry and Lloyd


As I sat back to think of famous relationships of cinema, I immediately thought of Harry and Lloyd from the fantastic film Dumb and Dumber. This may be due to the much-anticipated sequel set too come out in 2013, but nonetheless, these two characters show the true meaning of relationships between close friends. I realize this does exactly mirror the love and lust of a Twilight film or some Gossip Girl relationship scandal, but I feel their relationship matches quite well with what we are learning. First off is proximity, and the affect it has on the formation of relationships due to the amount of time people spend around each other. Harry and Lloyd fit this perfectly in the fact that they both attended the same high school and school groups, which now has turned into them being roommates. Along with proximity pushing them towards the attraction of friendship, is similarity. Harry and Lloyd are Dumb and Dumber, and with that show countless parallels to their daily activities, dreams (the I Got Worms ant farm) and of course their sense of humor. Last but not least is their reciprocity in their friendship, and what better than the final scene of the movie. Harry is on the verge of death when Lloyd jumps in between Harry and the gunman taking the bullet in the chest showing that they are willing to give anything for the other. So yes, Harry and Lloyd are dumb, but their friendship is incredibly amusing and reflects the three major principles that guide relationship formation.

I recommend looking at least one of these links for a good laugh:


I think that this is a very good analysis of the friendship between Harry and Lloyd. The proximity, similarity, and reciprocity are great observations. The couple have all of these great similarities, but I think that this is also kind of a recipe for disaster. With so many shared qualities, the two think in such a similar way and there are no new thoughts or ideas brought into the mix. I realize that this is a friendship from a movie and it makes for good comedy, but this couple wouldn't survive a second in the real world :)

Yeah, I love this movie, too, and anticipate the sequel. Harry and Lloyd, though being so disastrous, are great example of strong and real friendship :) Nevertheless, I also think that this relationship in the real is very difficult to survive.

This is a great observation in one of the greatest relationships in a film ever, in my opinion. Can't wait for the second movie either!

Great movie reference! I agree and believe that the three major principles are required for building most strong relationships. In any relationship I have I notice that all of these are involved. I have a select group of friends who I consider family and our relationships all started off because of promixity, reciprocity and similarity.

It was interesting to me! I couldn't think that I can apply the principles to friendship. When I complete reading your entry, I thought about the principles and I also thought about me and my friend. In addition, I thought I can apply this when I have a friend whom I want to be close more. How about this idea? :)

This is a great post and good use of applying the 3 important items to a great relationship! Harry and Loyd are two of my favorite movie characters of all time and if it wasn't for the big three, maybe I would have never of been able to know them (granted it is just a movie). I therefore thank the big 3.

I Love your creative and clever analysis! The three principles of proximity, similarity, and reciprocity are extremely important to relationship building. After having studying them, they seem quite obvious in explaining interpersonal attraction; but I think that unless people really are aware of these factors and understand them, we miss a level of interpretation as to why sometimes things work out so well with certain people but fall apart with others.

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