The Thing I'll Remember in 5 years.

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After thinking over what is important enough for me to remember in 5 years, I thought about all the things I remembered about taking Intro to Psychology as a freshman in high school and what I remembered in that class. What I remember the most from that class 5 years ago was talking about how our brains are influenced by sensations and perceptions. The fact that how we perceive things isn't always what is actually is happening; I think that this is the one thing that I will remember 5 years. Optical illusions are something that people will always like, this is evident from the homepage of Yahoo! About once a month they will post a link/article about optical illusion. Perception however doesn't just involve illusions; it also involves concepts like selective attentiveness. One of my favorite videos that we watched in discussion was the video about this guy asking for directions and in the middle of him holding the map 2 guys holding a painting come and the first guy is switched with a second guy, most of the time the person is so preoccupied with giving directions that they don't notice that they aren't talking to the same person anymore.

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I loved learning about sensations and perceptions, too. I think it's so interesting to see how easy it is for your mind to see something that isn't there like in an optical illusion, or miss something blatantly obvious like in the selective attentiveness videos. I didn't about yahoo's articles about illusions, I'll have to check them out!

I too loved learning about sensations and perceptions! I find it really interesting how we truly never see the "whole picture" in life and this is largely due to our powerful cognitive abilities to filter income stimuli. Furthermore, I think its really shocking as to how much of an impact heuristics have on both our sensations and perceptions! Great post!

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