What I'll Remember In 5 Years...

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What I'll Remember in 5 years will probably be the chapter on learning or more specifically the concepts of Conditioning and Learning. This part of psychology interested me the most over the past semester. I want to have a job in marketing and the science behind conditioning is extremely similar to what I want to do in the future. I had a lot of fun performing in the advertisement project during our Behavioral Psychology discussion session because I enjoyed and related to conditioning the most. I also think that conditioning and learning are subjects that come up in our daily lives and are very pertinent to many situations we come across with things like advertisements and incentives. Reinforcements and other tactics to emit a wanted reaction in situations is a big part of parenthood, owning a pet, or just dealing with coworkers, friends, family, etc. All of these relationships are currently present or will be apart of our lives in the future in some way or another so these concepts are extremely important and can help us thrive in difficult situations. In five years I hope to have a job in such a field where conditioning is important and relevant, so this part of psychology will stick with me.

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I like that you are able to link a concept from psychology to business. I am a business student myself and I had never understood really why knowledge in psychology was so important in the business world, but now you have pointed our one of the good reasons. In a world of today where an individual is bombarded by thousands of adds and commercials everyday, I agree with your point that knowledge about how conditioning and learning works will greatly help us resist temptations and impulsions that these adds try to drag us into. At the same time however, I like that you also point out that the same knowledge will help us profit in the business world. It is valuable that you will remember this from psychology years from now. I found your post interesting and thought provoking!

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