You Are What You Eat


Why is it that we Americans are always looking for a new, quicker way to lose weight and achieve our ideal body size and shape? We have all seen or heard about some of the diet and weight-loss plans. We have also heard about their extraordinary claims they seem to make; "Our revolutionary research shows that you can lose weight without dieting or exercise." Or the anecdotal clam, "I have a whole new lease on life- I lost 98 pounds in only four months!" I believe these claims hold nothing special and are there for the attraction. So often we take drastic measures to see weight loss results. For example, we go on diets, pop some pills, or buy into those weird gadgets on infomercials that promise us instant success. At the most basic level losing weight is all about burning more calories than you eat. Yes, wouldn't we all like it to be that simple, but it turns out its kind of a complicated process. There is a link by that shows how to properly set up a weight loss program. The medical doctor for the show The Biggest Loser, Dr. Dansinger explains how to drastically lose 20 pounds in one week in a WebMD article, Lose Weight Fast: How to Do It Safely. This is of course through a very ambiguous eating and exercise plan. Overall, I think it is all about the food that you put into your body is going to resemble what your body physically looks like, excluding exercise. Also, next time you see on of those weight loss claims, take it from you Psych book to evaluate all claims and make sure they have the data to back it up.


I think that even though the claims are true and will work, But it all just depends on whether you are willing to commit to the plan.

Great post, lots of interesting examples that I think we all can relate to. Basically on a daily basis when we turn on the TV we see commercials for the latest diet pill or exercise regiment. Usually these ads are accompanied by a before and after photo of people who have lost dramatic amounts of weight by taking the pill or whatever it might be. However, I believe these anecdotes are hiding what actually causes these people to lost the weight and have sexy, ripped bodies. Usually exercise is the greatest help when trying to lose weight, and while the advertised diet pills may help, the main reason for the weight loss or muscle gain is because of the immense amount of exercise that is done along with taking the pills. I'm not a big believer of this kind of weight loss, taking diet pills or quirky weight loss programs that you see on TV. I believe the most ideal, healthy way to lose weight is to exercise. This form of weight loss can be seen on the show The Biggest Liar on NBC. Contestants lose weight through healthy, nutritous meals and a whole heck of a lot of exercise. If you truly want to lose weight and become healthy, I believe, it takes a great amount of commitment and dedication, and also a healthy diet and a sufficient amount of exercise.

Check out this link to a diet pill commercial you may have seen!

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