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This topic will remain with me for a long period. It really showed me that humans basically did not change. Females still search for men with money, and males look for good looking females.
But this drives me NUTS! and here is the thing:
Women literally think that men are looking for good looking women. They think that if they have nice body shapes they can conquer any rich man. I will discourage all women that think this way. First, most of people who become rich are smart. They know the basics of investment. The main rule is that the coolest investment is the one that appreciates over time, and the worst investment is the one that depreciates over time unless you want to temporary use the investment! Humans get old as time passes. The same applies to beauty. It becomes uglier as time passes. So women that have their looks as their main asset are the worst type of investments because it depreciates over time.
Who wants to invest a lot in something that will be useless after 20 to 30 years?
So try to solve the prioritization problem of looks and brains first, then think about conquering rich men.


I agree that physical beauty is something that depreciates over time and should never be the ONLY driving component in any relationship. You clearly also believe though that men think women are looking for rich men above all else. You can see this too in how so many men think that they have to be the bread-winners in their relationship or family in order to keep them. A lot of men feel less manly if they can't provide for people they love, which is just as ridiculous as women feeling less likely to find a partner if they're not perfect and beautiful.

I feel like not all women believe that. I feel that society pressures women and men to look there best at all times. I do agree that brains over beauty is better but society teaches people at a very young age that you have to be attractive to even find someone. I also feel that as our society evolves, powerful, well educated women are becoming more of what men want. They want independent women who can care for themselves.

I agree that many women believe that they need to "impress" potential partners, and that many men believe they need to be rich to attract mates. However, I also believe that many more people believe they need to have potential as a long-term investment. There is still an element of attraction that needs to be there, but not to the extent that that is the only thing that governs whether a pair will mate or not, to put it in very objective terms.

I definitely agree that beauty is a depreciate asset and not be the most tempting attraction to man. However, we have to admit the symetry of face implies good genes which will not depreciate with time. So these gorgeous women still got some advantages, though not the biggest one.

I totally agree with looking for an investment that will appreciate over time, but I don't think that means that looks are irrelevant. Beauty carries on through old age, even if it changes. Women with great bone structure, for example, will still have great bone structure when they're older, same goes for eyes or smile. I also think finding someone attractive is important because you are passing down your genes with that person to your offspring. Overall I agree, but I do think attractiveness should not be overlooked!

I'm a bit confused by your post. At the beginning you said that women still look for men with money and men still look for attractive women, but then you go to say that women shouldn't think that their looks will get them a "rich" man. I don't think that just because a man is smart he'll overlook a wonan's looks (especially symmetry of face and waist to hip ratio), he may also value things like a woman's independence/general personality though. I think this post overlooks that there are exceptions to every rule, like some men actively pursue beautiful women with little else to offer and some women don't pursue rich men. In the end I don't think how smart you are has much to do with who you are attracted to. Attractiveness will always be a factor because that's something we want to pass on.

I totally agree upon that it is a wise investment to invest money on what appreciates over time rather than what depreciates over time. But I do not agree that beauty is something that depreciates over time. I'm not saying that we should invest more money on our beuaty so we can get romnantic partners, but I thing beauty has its own value and worth according to the age even though we get older.

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