Classical conditioning, operant conditioning is everywhere!


We've all learned about the classical and operant conditioning techniques to train our dogs, cats, or other animals. However, have you thought about using these techniques against another human being? No, I do not mean put someone in a cage and give them an electric shock here and there. Isn't it true, that all of us, in one way or another have felt good getting praise for whatever accomplishment one has achieved, such as an A in a class? Doesn't this make one feel great? Releasing some dopamine? Now let me ask you this, is there a single person on this earth who hates that feel? For most of us, because everyone has different situations, we would desire that feeling continuously. Thus, it leads to trying harder to achieve that status where one will be feeling one's reward center being activated. What would that resemble? I don't think these conditioning techniques are limited only for animals or the mentally ill, it is all around us. All of us, studying in college, aren't we all driven by the award center to get good grades or volunteer? Whether we want to believe or not, every one of us is affected by the conditioning techniques that we have learned throughout our daily lives. Here is a good example to finish up the semester.


I would like to start off by saying I really like what points you brought into play, along with the video. I feel your points developed as I read them as a viewer to better help me comprehend your post. There were a few typos here and there, but nothing to pull away from the post. Also the video was quite humorous and did a great job of backing your point. Great Post.

I found that you made a lot of very interesting points. I feel as if many people over look classical and operant conditioning and the we don't realize that it is in every part of our lives. I found it great that you brought that to everyone's attention. Good post!

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