Conditioning throughout my life


After going through all the types of psychology this semester, from behavioral theories to abnormal psychology, I'm going to say that condition is the one thing that will really stick with me from here on out. In my opinion, it's simple, elegant, and applicable to daily life, from training a pet dog to your kids. However you put it, conditioning has a major role in day to day life for every individual, regardless of upbringing, gender, race, etc. To me, conditioning is something that's in the back of my mind every time I see Buffalo Wild Wings and start to salivate, or how I always grow anxious when I see that a psych study guide is four pages long because I know I'm being fear conditioned like a rat. But more importantly is how I'll use conditioning myself.

As a parent, conditioning is obviously extremely important. Negatively punishing my kids for something like missing curfew or putting bread in between the cushions of my couch is inevitable, and understanding the consequences and potential side effects of what I do can help me become a better parent. Conditioning will become something that will help me both become a better parent and have my kids grow into responsible, respectable adults.

Or, you know, I could use it to condition my friend's girlfriend.


I agree, conditioning has built on us through our whole lives. It has basically produced our manners and how we react to certain situations. Keeping conditioning in mind for the future is also another great point. We are all going to have kids in the future and conditioning is a major factor in the outcome of kids. The multiple-page study guides for psych also scare me. Do we really need to know that much information? Great post!

I definitely agree that conditioning will always have a part in our lives. I also think it's great that you're actively thinking about how conditioning will/can affect your life. It will help when you're trying to get your kids to stop throwing tantrums in public. Haha. I personally think of my birds when I think of conditioning. Once I had a grasp on positive reinforcement it was a lot easier to train them. Good post.

I agree! Conditioning really sticks out for me as well. After you explained how frequently we see conditioning, it made me realize how much it stics out to me. In the future, I'll be potty training my kids and I might reward them with treats. I may even give money to my kids for good grades. Futhermore, I watch my friends condition their dogs all the time. It's interesting how conditioning is in our everyday lives.

I have not really thought on the huge improtance conditioning has in our daily development as more disciplined and balanced individuals, but you are so right in your conclusions about it. And I am not a parent yet,but can use it some more in restricting myself from some of the junks I love indulging in, or simply have to use it to condition my own boyfriend's ignorance sometimes:( Thanks for the great post and reflections you made me think upon!

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