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Modern Results
Burgers' (2009) study had results similar to the ones found in Milgram's previous study. The rates of obedience were very similar to those found in the Milgram study, showing that participants' tendency to obey has not declined over time. Additionally, Burger found that both sexes exhibited similar behavior, suggesting that obedience will occur in participants independent of gender. In Burgers followup (2011) study, he found that participants that worried about the well being of the learner were more hesitant to continue the study. He also found that the more the experimenter prodded the participant to continue, the more likely they were to stop the experiment. The Utrecht University (1986) study also replicated Milgram's results. They found that although participants indicated they did not enjoy the task, over 90% of them completed the experiment. The Bocchiaro and Zimbardo (2010) study had similar levels of obedeince compared to the Milgram and Utrecht studies. They also found that participants would either stop the experiment at the first sign of the learner's pleas or would continue until the end of the experiment (which the researchers called "the foot in the door scenario"). In addition to the above studies, the pattern of results that found participants to be largely obedient appears cross-culturally in participants from Spain, Australia, and Jordan.

That's amazing! Make yourself an authority, and you can control 90%.


This is a truly interesting study and a quite scary result. It makes me wonder whether or not I would fall victim to poor obedience like the other 90% of people. This study helps to make me think scientifically when in situations that seem even a little wrong. Otherwise, I will fall victim to obeying any authority figure.

your research data is very interesting and eye opening. I had doubts about accepting the theory of obedience from just the data from Milgram's study but you give examples from a number of studies done on this subject which support the initial theory about obedience. It is shocking to know that authority can have so much power over us; to the extent that we are dehumanized and separated from our conscience that would otherwise lead us to make the morally right choice. Your statistics make me wonder if I would be as much obedient as the subjects of these studies you mention, if I am put in a situation like that. But I do hope to take something from this knowledge and be always aware that authority isn't always right. I found your post very thought provoking and informative!

This interested me because when discussing this experiment with my classmates and peers, almost everybody claims "I would never do that" or "I would stop immediately" but the truth is that is not the case. In my opinion it doesn't matter what you think you will do, all that matters is what you would do if actually in the situation. And the data presented shows that an extremely large majority would in fact comply with authority and complete the experiment. These results are eye-opening to the amount of power that authority figures actually have, and it worries me that many authority figures abuse that power. Provides good insight the human behavior.

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