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This semester has been a tremendously interesting semester. One of the things I have found most interesting is how the mind changes over time, and just how many things can change and adapt, or conversely deteriorate.I find it amazing at just how complex every single process in the brain is. I knew that their were billions of connections in the brain, but just how interconnected every sensation, every thought, every emotion is just mind-boggling to me. Having seen many disorders present in my family over time, it gets me thinking just how many more things could go wrong, or go right, in every person's brain.


Surprising and know that only a fraction of its capacity and how they interact, we get a better understanding of their schemes to be used both in curing diseases like Alzheimer's that destroy neural tissue in the development of their potential by achieving greater use of its resources, although it moves very positively in this direction should continue because only a small part is within our reach.

I agree. It's crazy to think about how many things happen in a brain that to make just the smallest things like emotions happen. Everyone knows the feelings of happiness and sadness but to think about how many little things happen to make those emotions come is incredible. So many connections. The smallest things require the largest amounts of connections.

I also find all the processes of our brains mind-boggling. It is crazy to think about that one little connection could go wrong and you could end up as a totally different person the next day and be completely changed. This class has helped me to be thankful for how lucky I am to not have any of these disorders.

Human brain is the most complex thing in the world. Human emotions, feelings and ways of thinking are decoded there in the thousands connections that we will probably never understand completely.


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