The "Secret me"!


During the course of this semester I have learned many valuable things about Psychology. I have come to see how important knowledge about psychology is to us in everyday life. However, the one concept that I found fascinating and that I will absolutely remember years from now is the new finding that has been made in the field of psychology about consicousness and the brain. Consciousness is not the cause of our behaviors but rather is the product of what we do. We are not consciously aware of evey choice or decision we make, the decision is actally made in our brain and the function of conscious awareness only comes in later to help us explain why we did what we did. This proposal, made by psychologists and tested and supported through the use of MRI scanning of the brain activity, had left me in total surprise at first. I had always thought of consciousness as part of science and hence unquestionable, but now I realize consciouness is actually a pholosophical concept that helps human beings explain their behaviors. Therefore, this whole debate of who or what is really in charge of our day to day decisions and behaviors, our conscious self or our brain, is so intriguing to me that it is concrete in my memory. I will remember this from psychology years from now because I find this discussion thought provoking, mind boggling and fascinating, I had never before questioned the existence of a conscious self but now this new finding makes me wonder who I really am as a person, in other words, it makes me think whether I really have control over my decisions in life. Further research is being done to fully understand this concept and I am looking forward to learning about it in the future. In the process I hope to learn more about who the "secret me" is!

visual: this is a picture that reflects "who I am," the conscious me guided by my brain!
the secret me.PNG


i had the same exact thoughts as you during the part of our course when we learned about consciousness!! For all my life I thought that consciousness something abstract and something we cannot reach through any means. However, when I learned that there has actually been a lot of study done in this field, I was very surprised and pleased to learn about them during this course. After a whole semester of course, I feel like I've become more knowledgeable about my conscious and mind which will help me to take more control of my life. I definitely also looking forward to finding the 'secret me'!

If I have to point out a science which is in real connection with the real life, that inevitably would be psychology. Being a good psychologist can help you in everyday situations, giving a reasonable explantion of your own reaction and those of the other people. Subconsciousness is a powerful motivator, but the judge over it, our brains has the final word.
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Hi, my name is Rosie. I believe human's mind needs to create a model of the world that "works" in the sense that it continues to process data based on a hard-coded, genetic, information-filtering function. Do you think consciousness reflects a filtering function of the data produced from neuron mappings?

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