On the Spot: Growth

What role does the CLA experience play in shaping students' identities? At the end of last semester, we asked CLA juniors and seniors to reflect on how they've changed since they first entered college.
Interviews by Andrew Hogan

Pictures of Ryan Flaherty and Ethan Stark

Ryan Flaherty, '07; Ethan Stark, '07
Photos: Everett Ayoubzadeh

“I developed a personal theory that nothing is one-sided. Nothing is only this or only that. You can never make an argument without giving some room to the other side, because you know you're not completely right; you know there are always two parts to every issue."
—Ryan Flaherty (individualized studies '07)

“I went to a play recently—a oneman show—that dealt a lot with how fear motivates a lot of our actions, and I got to thinking how it was really applicable in my life—fear of what other people thought, fear of failure, fear of rejection. That was a recent epiphany of seeing the role it could play in my life."
—Ethan Stark (psychology '07)

Jarrod Muneer Karcherramos“I became more conscious of my interactions with other people—what people think when I say ‘I'm a Muslim,' or when I say ‘I'm Mexican-American,' or when I say this or that. It made me want to find out why these things matter."
—Jarrod Muneer Karcherramos (political science '08)



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