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News from our alumni

Angels Author Tony Kushner Is Now "Doctor"

Events sponsored by College of Liberal Arts departments

Achievements of CLA faculty and staff

Graduation: with smarts, grit...and a load of debt?

by Mary Hicks

The Art of Life on the Mississippi

An MFA student helps Twin Cities teens draw new meaning from life by the river.
by Mary Pattock

Beyond Borders

Great migrations are continuously changing our world. To get a handle on a topic this vast, CLA scholars must cross borders of a different kind.
by Joe Kimball

Connecting Common Chords

His passion is partnership. David Myers, the School of Music's new director, wants to "connect education with the rich world of music as it exists in real life."
by Mary Ann Feldman

Environmental Justice Expert David Pellow Holds New Martindale Endowed Chair

By Greg Breining

Building a Future for CLA

CLA's new dean, James A. Parente, Jr., talks about how the college will thrive in the 21st century.
interview by Mary Pattock

Can Immigration History Help Contain Swine Flu?

Teens speed-dating languages

"Critical language" students get State Department support



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