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Facts that Count

CLA: the big picture

Stories that Inspire

Commitment to students and the liberal arts inspire a CLA-2015 planning project.
By Dean James A. Parente, Jr.

Econ Professor Heads Federal Reserve

Dead Sea Scrolls

A-Twitter About Abroad

Creative Writing Is Top-Ranked

Love, Actually

Born to be Wild

Doctor Nice ... or Doctor House?

Very, Very Cool, but Too Darn Hot

CLA Stars at Graduation

J-School Honors Public Affairs Journalists

Who Knew? Hamlet Graduated from CLA

Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards

Academic Happiness

CLA's most famous English major returns to campus to talk with undergrads, who inspire "the old alumnus" to "work harder and make my time count for something."

By Garrison Keillor

Postscript: by Garrison Keillor
"I talked to these six students..." More

The Linguist

The Musician

The Child Psychologist

The DNA Researcher

The Communicator

The Doctor

Postscript by Garrison Keillor

Bound to Please

Read reviews of books and other creations by CLA faculty, staff, and alumni

Creative Writing



Bagman for the Arts

How can communities support local art and artists? Alumnus Jeff Hnilicka leads the way, taking a page from the sustainable food movement.

By Danny LaChance

CLA Alumni

In Memory

Thank you to our Donors

From Mary Hicks



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