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Given CLA's emphasis on life in the global community, many of its students study abroad. They're in the right place.

In its Open Doors report, the Institute of International Education ranks the Twin Cities campus third in the nation among research institutions in the number of students--2,521--who participate in this kind of life-changing experience. They work through the Learning Abroad Center, which offers some 300 programs in more than 70 countries, and helps with everything from program selection to disability services, financial planning to re-entry. It even has a Twitter account!

The campus also ranked high--20th--in the number of international students it has enrolled. In CLA's class of 2012, nearly eight percent of students come from outside the United States.

Find out what the Learning Abroad Center has to offer: www.umabroad.umn.edu

Recent UM abroad Tweets:

"The children of the village reached for our hands and promised to teach us a traditional African dance."
"What it's like to study and intern at a design firm in London www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXytngs7m3U"
"For the love of harira: So we took a small stroll recently to a Moroccan restaurant we had seen close by."



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