Faculty, Staff, & Student Awards

National and International

Timothy Brennan, cultural studies and comparative literature: Mercator Visiting Professor by The German Research Foundation.

Raymond Duvall, political science: American Political Science Association's Grain of Sand Award for contributions that are longstanding and merit special recognition.

Nita Krevans, classical and Near Eastern studies: 2010 Award for Excellence in Teaching from American Philological Association.

Rich Lee, psychology: president-elect of Asian American Psychological Association.

Gordon Legge, psychology: biennial award from Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Envision Excellence Award in Low-Vision Research.

Gary Jahn, Slavic languages and literatures: 2010 Post-secondary Teacher of the Year by American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages.

Bernard Levinson, classical and Near Eastern studies: Fellow of American Academy of Jewish Research.

Paula Rabinowitz, English: Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship in American Literature in People's Republic of China.

Charles Baxter, English: Pushcart Prize for "The Cousins," which also appeared in Best American Short Stories 2010.

Matthew Canepa, art history: James Henry Breasted Prize from American Historical Association for best book in English in any field in history prior to 1000 C.E.

Giancarlo Casale, history: McGill University's Cundill Recognition of Excellence finalist's prize for The Ottoman Age of Exploration.

Carl Flink, theatre arts and dance: choreographed Jungle Theater's Mary's Wedding, which won a Twin Cities Theater Ivey Award.

Hiromi Mizuno, history: Outstanding Academic Title for 2009 by American Library Association's journal CHOICE for Science for the Empire: Scientific Nationalism in Modern Japan.

Chad Marsolek, psychology: 2010 NeuroImage Editors' Choice Award for "Identifying objects impairs knowledge of other objects: A relearning explanation for the neural repetition effect." Co-authors: Becky Deason, Ph.D. 2008; Nick Ketz, B.A. 2007; Pradeep Ramanathan, Ph.D. 2009; Ph.D. candidate Vaughn Steele; and former professors Ed Bernat and Chris Patrick.

Joanne Miller and Dara Strolovitch, political science: Best Paper Award from American Political Science Association's Political Organizations and Parties Section. "Networking the Parties: A Comparative Study of Democratic and Republican National Convention Delegates in 2008" was co-authored by Seth Masket, University of Denver, and Michael Heaney, University of Michigan.

Julie Schumacher, English: residency at The Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center in Italy.

Shawn Treier, political science: Gregory Luebbert Article Award from American Political Science Association for "Democracy as a Latent Variable," co-authored by Simon Jackman, Stanford University.

Wendy Zaro-Mullins, music: 2010-2011 Community Seed Grant by College Music Society for Exploring Careers in Vocal Music: The Sacred Singer's Solo Vocal Workshop.

University Awards

William Iacono, psychology, has been named a Regents Professor—the highest level of recognition the University gives to its faculty. Iacono is a pioneer in the neurobiological approach to the study of mental disorders and one of the world's leading clinical psychologists/experimental psychopathologists. He has made seminal contributions to adolescent and adult developmental psychopathology, substance abuse, psychiatric epidemiology, behavior genetics, and lie detection, and is considered to be one of the world's foremost research scientists in these areas. Best known for the Minnesota Twins Family Study, he ranks among North America's most cited and productive clinical psychologists.

CLA Awards

Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Awards: Teresa Gowan, sociology; Kurt Kipfmueller, geography; Keith Mayes, African American & African studies; Philip Sellew, classical & Near Eastern studies.

Graduate Student Awards

Carla Manzoni, Spanish and Portuguese: Compton International Fellow for her work on the independent, democratizing films of women of the Southern Cone of South America.

M. Christine Marquis, classical and Near Eastern studies: Women's Classical Caucus 2010 award for best orally-delivered pre-Ph.D. paper for "Juno and Amata: Powerful Wives and Political Disorder in the Aeneid."

Ben Garthus and Bart Vargas, art: Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards from International Sculpture Center.

Sheryl R. Lightfoot, political science: 2010 Best Dissertation Award from American Political Science Association's Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Section for Indigenous Global Politics.

Lauren Wilcox, political science: 2010 award for Best Graduate Student Paper from International Studies Association's Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section, for "Explosive Bodies: Suicide Bombing as an Embodied Practice and the Politics of Abjection."

Elizabeth M. Weixel, English: Best Graduate School Dissertation in arts and humanities category for "The Forest and Social Change in Early Modern English Literature, 1580-1700."

Michael Vuolo, sociology: Best Graduate School Dissertation in the social and behavioral sciences and education area for "Legal Context and Youth Drug Use: A Multilevel Analysis of the European Union."

Unit Awards

CLA: participating in a three-year, $1.9 million Department of Health and Human Services grant awarded to the School of Dentistry for "Building Bridges to a Career in Dentistry for Disadvantaged Students." The grant aims at increasing diversity in the dental workforce, creating pathways for a dentistry degree through undergraduate degrees in CLA and the College of Biological Sciences.

Institute for Global Studies National Resource Centers: $1.2 million in U.S. Department of Education Title VI funding, over four years, for the European Studies NRC, including fellowships for foreign language graduate and undergraduate students, and $1.2 million for its International Studies NRC.



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