Thank You to Our Donors

Each of us in the CLA community plays a role in growing and strengthening the college we love.

Donors help the college realize its highest ambitions.

Wayne and Meg Gisslen

"We've always felt music education is important and needs support. If the arts, in general, aren't part of your life when you are young, when will they be?" –Wayne and Meg Gisslen
Photo by Trish Grafstrom

Those listed below have made extraordinary contributions:

  • They've created hundreds of scholarships and fellowships that keep CLA's doors open to more than a thousand students each year;
  • They've established dozens of academic chairs and professorships that help us recruit and retain top faculty;
  • They've fueled discovery through dedicated research and outreach funds;
  • They've invested in CLA's educational infrastructure by improving facilities for the creative and performing arts, languages, and social sciences.

In July the University will have a new president, Eric Kaler; the state has new leadership; we are charting a dynamic course for the new century with CLA 2015. As we move into this new era, we are grateful for the continued loyalty, trust, and support of our donors.

Thank you for joining us in creating the CLA of tomorrow.

To see a more comprehensive list of annual donors to CLA, please visit the donor roster.

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* deceased

Lifetime gifts or pledges $10,000,000+

Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. and The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation

Lifetime gifts or pledges $1,000,000+

Austrian Government
Nathan* and Theresa Berman
Harvey V. Berneking*
Elizabeth B.* and John* Cowles, Sr.
Sage and John Cowles, Jr.
Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
Ruth and Bruce Dayton
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Edelstein Family Foundation
N. Marbury Efimenco*
Beverly Wexler Fink and Richard M. Fink
Esther F. Freier*
Starke* and Virginia Hathaway*
Donald V. Hawkins*
Erwin A. and Miriam J. Kelen
Kelen Family Foundation
Terence E. Kilburn
Myron and Anita Kunin
David M. and Janis Larson
Benjamin Evans Lippincott* and Gertrude Lawton Lippincott*
Ted Mann*
Don A.* and Edith I. Martindale
R. F. "Pinky" McNamara
Hella L. Mears and William F. Hueg, Jr.
Charles M. Nolte*
Arsham H. Ohanessian*
Helen F. and Otto A.* Silha
Myrtle L.* and Charles E. Stroud*
Leland "Lee" and Louise Sundet
Marvin and Elayne Wolfenson

Lifetime gifts or pledges $250,000 - $999,999

3M Company and 3M Foundation
AOL Time Warner, Inc.
Dominick J. Argento and Carolyn Bailey-Argento*
Fern L. and Bernard* Badzin
Alex Batinich
Lyle A. Berman
Bilinski Educational Foundation
Selmer Birkelo*
James I. Brown*
Sidney L.* and Betty L.* Brown
John R. and Susan L.* Camp
China Times Cultural Foundation
Patrick Corrigan
Aina Swan Cutler*
Ronnaug Dahl*
Carol E. and Charles M. Denny, Jr.
Dietrich W. Botstiber Foundation
Hannah Kellogg Dowell*
Everett A.* and Ruth Dickson* Drake
Leaetta M. Hough and Marvin D. Dunnette*
Ruth Easton*
Freedom Forum
Frenzel Foundation
Gwenith F. Gislason*
Harrison G. and Kathryn W. Gough
Government of Finland
Ellen D. Grace
Bert M. Gross and Susan Hill Gross
N. Bud* and Beverly N. Grossman
Marion D. Groth*
Herman F. Haeberle*
Fleurette Halpern*
Charlotte H. and Gordon H. Hansen
Lowell and Cay Shea Hellervik
Herbert Berridge Elliston Fund
Vivian H. Hewer*
Harold L.* and Harriet Thwing* Holden
Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
Cecill C. and Judge Earl R.* Larson
Ronald L. and Judith A. Libertus
Benjamin Evans Lippincott* and Gertrude Lawton Lippincott*
Robert B. and Mary A. Litterman
Phyllis B. MacBrair*
William W. and Nadine M. McGuire
The McKnight Foundation
Thomas B.* and Elizabeth K.* Merner
Doris B.* and Raymond O.* Mithun
Bruce D.* and Mildred D.* Mudgett
Eula* and Gil* Northfield
Jevne H.* and George T.* Pennock
Pew Charitable Trusts
Harold E.* and Louise A.* Renquist
Katherine* and W. Gardner Roth*
Ruth Easton Fund of the Edelstein Family Foundation
Richard L. and Ellen R. Sandor
Showboat Fund
Werner Simon*
Star Tribune and Star Tribune Foundation
Raymond J. and Elvira A.* Tarleton
Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation and Blythe Brenden
Asher Waldfogel
William D. Wells
Virginia J. Wimmer*
Kurt Winkelmann and Janine Gleason
David Michael* and Penny Rand Winton
Robert O. Young, Jr.*

Lifetime gifts or pledges $100,000 - $249,999

American Latvian Association in the U.S.
American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise
Frances Coakley Ames*
Elmer L.* and Eleanor J.* Andersen
Andreas Foundation
James Ford Bell and the Bell Family
Marvin and Betty Borman
Paul Brainerd
Caroline Brede*
Gerard L. Cafesjian
Joan Calof
Jean E. Cameron and Robert O. Linde
David P. Campbell
Cargill and Cargill Foundation
John S. and Margaret Chipman
Margaret I. Conway*
David C. and Vicki B. Cox
Mathias Dahl*
Dayton Hudson Corporation and Dayton Hudson Foundation
A. Richard Diebold, Jr.
Doran Companies
Robert W. and Mary Eichinger
Herbert B. Elliston*
Embassy of Cyprus
Equity Services of Saint Paul, Inc.
Estonian Archives in the U.S.
William E. Faragher
Judy Farmer
Ted Farmer
David R.* and Elizabeth P. Fesler
David D. Floren
The Ford Foundation
John E. Free*
Jeanne K. Freeman*
Helen Waters Gates*
General Mills and General Mills Foundation
R. James and Teddy Gesell
Margaret E. Gilbertson*
Marion D. Groth*
Guy Grove Family Foundation
Jo-Ida C. Hansen
Evelyn J. Hanson*
Mark and Jacqueline Hegman
Dona M. and Thomas P.* Hiltunen
Jean McGough Holten
John S. Holten*
James A. Johnson and Maxine Isaacs
Richard* and Freda M.* Jordan
Kaemmer Fund of the HRK Foundation
Michael H. and Julie A. Kaplan
Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan
Anoush Khoshkish
James M.* and Audrey H. Kinney
Ida F. Kramer*
Joel R. and Laurie M. Kramer
Carol E. Ladwig*
Bruce A. Larson
Mary Frances Lehnerts*
Stephen E. and Sheila R. Lieberman
Benjamin Y. H. and Helen C. Liu
Merle W. Loppnow*
Donald J. and Diana Lucker
Natalie C. Lund*
Sidney Lyons*
Emily Maltz and Dale T. Schatzlein*
Carol K. March
Tom and Martha Martin
Max Kade Foundation
Robert H. Mc Clellan*
Medtronic and Medtronic Foundation
Mertz Gilmore Foundation
Miller Khoshkish Foundation
Marjorie E.* and Franklin W. Mortenson*
James W. Nelson
Marion E. Newman*
Otto Bremer Foundation
Robert and Joan* Owens
Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
Lawrence Perlman and Linda Peterson Perlman

Daniel E. Peterson*
Public Interest Projects, Inc.
Gloria J. Randahl*
Phillip J. Ranheim*
Gerald and Henrietta Rauenhorst
Reader's Digest Foundation
Regis Foundation
Armand A. and Madeleine S.* Renaud
Jane and Bernard H.* Ridder, Jr.
Warren W. Roberts
Katherine* and W. Gardner Roth*
Robert P. Sands and Sally Glassberg Sands
Stephen B. and Chacke Y. Scallen
Judith McCartin Scheide and William Scheide
Robert Schlafle*
Thomas D. Schoonover and Ebba Wesener Schoonover
Elaine Dahlgren Schuessler* and Roy A. Schuessler*
R. Smith Schuneman and Patricia Ward Schuneman
Kathryn M. Sederberg*
Vincent Bancroft Shea*
Hide Shohara*
Morton and Artice Silverman
Steven J. Snyder and Sherry L. Stern
Sons of Italy Foundation
Nancy and David J.* Speer
Starkey Laboratories and Starkey Hearing Foundation
Theofanis G. and Freda Stavrou
Esta E. Stecher
Walter Stremel*
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Lowell T. and Marjorie E. Swenson
Frank and Carol Trestman
Emily Anne Tuttle
Ukrainian National Association
Rudolph J. Vecoli*
Gerald Vizenor and Laura Hall
Elma F. Walter*
Elizabeth A. Warburton*
Jean Worrall Ward
Warwick Foundation
Edward W. Weidner*
Mark and Muriel Wexler

Lifetime gifts or pledges $25,000 - $99,999

A. G. Leventis Foundation
AT&T Company and AT&T Foundation
Adath Jeshurun Congregation
Shaykh Kamal Adham*
Advanced Bionics
Joan Aldous
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
American Council of Learned Societies
American Express Company and American Express Foundation
American Psychological Assn.
Americana Arts Foundation
Katherine B. Andersen*
Brian* and Kari Anderson
Harold C. Anderson*
Keith H.* and Martha S. Anderson
Neil P. Anderson
Ronald E. Anderson
Dwayne O. Andreas
Association of American Universities
Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research
Ayers Bagley and Marian-Ortolf Bagley
Carol A. Balthazor
Jacob J. and Marjorie L. Barnett
Carol and George* Barquist
Belford Foundation
Bemis Company Foundation
Judson* and Barbara* Bemis
Robert D. and Pearl Lam Bergad
Michael and Carol* Berman
Eileen Bigelow*
Carl E. Blair
Kenneith G. Bomberg*
Robert L. Borg*
Frederick J. Bollum
Lee A. Borah
Margaret E. Borgman*
Sharon L. and Carl A. Borine
Boss Foundation
Thomas J. and Pauline M. Bouchard
Caroline Brede*
Henry L. Brooks*
Joseph Brown and Mary Easter
Robert H. Bruininks and Susan A. Hagstrum
John C. Bryant* and Marilyn Tickle Bryant
Donald G. Burch*
Russell W. Burris
Judy R. Burton*
The Bush Foundation
Carolyn L. Williams and James N. Butcher
Peter M. and Sandra K. Butler
Carmen and Jim Campbell
John P. Campbell
Christopher G. Cardozo
Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation
Joanne C. Carlson
Karl F. Carlson
Stan W. Carlson*
Lynn and Steve Carnes
Edward J. and Arlene E. Carney
Sol and Mitzi Center
Century Council, Inc.
Mythili V. and Varadarajan V. Chari
David S. and Margot H. Chatterton
Leeann Chin*
Thomas Choi
Charles H. Christensen
Christian Services, Inc.
City of St. Paul
Shirley M. Clark
Burt and Rusty Cohen
Mary Sue Comfort
Allison and Dan Connally
Harold and Phyllis* Conrad
Ellen R. Costello*
Randy and Carol Cote
C. Mayeron Cowles and C. F. Cowles
Cowles Media Company
Ella P. and Thomas M.* Crosby, Sr.
Christine M. Cumming
Mary C. Cunningham
DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
Michael and Nancy Dardis
Bruce K. Nelson and Sandra J. Davies-Nelson
Joyce Ekman Davis and John G. Davis*
Ken* and Barbara J. Davis
Marjorie J. and Wendell J. DeBoer
Mike Decker and Julie Ferguson Decker
Shirley I. Decker
Cy and Paula DeCosse
Stefania B.* and Carl H.* Denbow
Mary L. Devlin
Michael A. Donner*
Esther B. Donovan*
Mary J. Dovolis*
Gerald S. and Judy C. Duffy
Florence G. Dworsky*
Zola C. Dworsky*
Eastern Enterprises
Karla Beveridge Eastling
Jeff H. Eckland
Todd W. Eckland
Elizabeth D. Edmonds*
April H. Egan and Kevin J. Lawless
Rondi C. Erickson and Guilford S. Lewis
Fred and Patricia L. Erisman
Ernst and Young LLP and Ernst and Young Foundation
F. R. Bigelow Foundation
Farfellow Foundation
David L. and Shirley M. Ferguson
Donald Ferguson*
Mark K. Ferguson and Phyllis M. Young
Merrill J. and Shauna Ferguson
Gertrude Finch*
Norma C. and John R. Finnegan, Sr.
Joan C. Forester*
Edward and Janet Foster
Francis Maria Foundation for Justice and Peace
Douglas A. and Emma Carter* Freeman
John D. and Berna Jo French
Eugene U. and Mary F. Frey
Friends of the IHRC
Carol M. and Benjamin F.* Fuller, Jr.
Burt and Nan Galaway
Jacqui and George* Gardner
GE Co. and GE Fund
Anne F. and Seymour Geisser*
Meg and Wayne Gisslen
GKL Management Consulting LLP
Glen and Harold Bend Foundation
Mary and Steven Goldstein
Lloyd F.* and Mary J.* Gonyea
David F. and Rosemary Good
Robert L. and Katherine D. Goodale
Doug and Jane Gorence
Government of Cyprus
Persis R. Gow
Graco, Inc. and Graco Foundation
William F.* and Patricia M.* Greer
Greystone Foundation
Sharon C. Grimes
Shane T. and Suzanne R. Grivna
Jonathan R. Gross
Leo* and Lillian Gross*
William Grossman
Catherine B. Guisan and Stephen J. Dickinson
Cleyonne Gustafson*
H. R. K. Trust
Bette Hammel
Ronald N. and Carol A. Handberg
Hanovers Manufacturers Trust
Lars P. Hansen and Grace R. Tsiang
Patricia* and Einar* Hardin
Harlan Boss Foundation for the Arts
Elizabeth T.* and John L.* Harnsberger
Harold L. Korda Foundation
Elizabeth S. Harris and Family of Dale B. Harris
Sigmund M.* and Joye G.* Harris
Nils and Patricia* Hasselmo
Helen B. Hauser
Leopold A. Hauser III
The Hawley Family
Headwaters Foundation for Justice
Patricia J. Heikenen*
Samuel D. Heins
Helen Harrington*
Hazel H.* and John* Helgeson
William Henderson
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
Allan A. Hietala
A. William Hoglund*
John L. Holland*
The Holland Foundation
Grace E. Holloway
Honeywell and Honeywell Foundation
Deborah L. Hopp
Wendy Horn
The Horst M. Rechelbacher Foundation
Leonid Hurwicz* and Evelyn Jensen Hurwicz
Marion B. Hutchinson*
ITT Consumer Financial Corporation
Warren E. and Mary E. Ibele
Institute for Aegean Prehistory
Jane Burkleo Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Janice Gardner Foundation
James J. Jenkins and Winifred Strange
Anne and Eric Jensen
Ardes Johnson
Paul E. Joncas*
Chester R. Jones*
Jacqueline Nolte Jones
Wendell J. and Elizabeth Josal
Donald W. and Phyllis L. Kahn
Max M. and Marjorie* Kampelman
Odessa Katsila
Clayton Kaufman
Wilbur C.* and Kathryn E. Keefer
Garrison E. Keillor
William H. and Madoline D.* Kelty
Dorothy Kincaid*
Ruth Kincaid
Joseph* and Jacqueline* Kinderwater
Suzanne and Kip Knelman
Knight Foundation
Jim and Pam Knowles
Nicholas and Anastasia Kolas
Korn/Ferry International
Samuel S. Kortum
Peter J. and Linda R. Kreisman
Mark R. Kriss
Dorothy T. Kuether
Frauncee L. Ladd
Lam Research Foundation
John and Nancy Lambros
Trudy E. Lapic
Rosalind L. Laskin
Billie C. Lawton
DJ Leary and Linda L. Wilson
David S. and Julie Lee
Kaarle H. Lehtinen*
Mildred B. Leighton*
Leonard Street and Deinard and Leonard Street and Deinard Foundation
Leonard H. and W. Joyce Levitan
Marilyn and Drew Lewis
Liberace Foundation for Performing and Creative Arts
David M. and Perrin B. Lilly
Lynn Y. S. Lin
Leonard E. Lindquist*
Daniel T. and Helen E. Lindsay
Serge E. Logan
Lominger Limited, Inc.
Longview Foundation
Merle W. Loppnow*
Maureen Lowe and Carl McGary
Richard Luis and Juanita Bolland Luis
Carla Lukermann
Fred* and Barbara* Lukermann
Kathryn Lukermann Plaisance
Judy I. Lund and Neilan B. Lund*
William O. Lund*
Stephanie K. and Warren L. Lundsgaard
Terry E. Shima and Margaret A. Lutz
Joseph D. Lykken
Matthew A. and Suzanne L. Lykken
Warren and Nancy MacKenzie
Dorothy B. Magnus*
Phyllis Maizlish
Lester A. Malkerson*
Mardag Foundation
Erwin and Doris G. Marquit
Jacqueline G. McCauley
Virginia G. McDavid
James "Red"* and Edythe V.* McLeod
Ellen Messer-Davidow
Janice A. Meyer
Midwest Communications, Inc. WCCO-TV
Midwest Federal Savings and Loan
Minnesota State Council on Economic Education
Minneapolis Jewish Federation Community Foundation
Arthur H. "Red"* and Helene B.* Motley
Rolf and Ingrid Muehlenhaus
Marilyn J. and Malcolm H.* Myers
Paul B. Mulhollem and Valerie K. Cravens
National Italian American Foundation, Inc.
Jack and Cathy* Nelson
Richard F. Noland*
Eula* and Gil* Northfield
Mary Ann and Louis P.* Novak
Keith and Nancy Nuechterlein
Michael O'Rourke
Arsham H. Ohanessian*
Roger* and Mary Anne Page
Grace C. and Charles A.* Parsons, Sr.
Pearson Clinical Assessment Division
Personnel Decisions Research Institute
Pfizer Pharma GmbH
Phyllis and Irvin Maizlish Foundation
Wilma G.* and Wayne R.* Pierce
Laura D. Platt
Dottie* and Harold J. Pond*
Charles K. Porter
Porter Creative Services, Inc.
Edward C. and Jan Prescott
PriceWaterhouseCoopers and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Foundation
Ken* and Pat Puffer
Virginia G. Puzak
Ralph R. Kriesel Foundation
Harvey B. Ratner* and Barbara Ratner
George and Frances C.* Reid
Republic of Latvia
R. C. Lilly Foundation
Marcel and Sheila Richter
Norman F. Rickeman and Kathy Murphy
Donald John Roberts
Michelle E. Roberts
Robert G. Robinson*
Calvin J. and Caroline K. Roetzel
Rosenthal Collins Group LLC
Elizabeth E. Roth
A. L. Rubinger
Bruce P. Rubinger
Ronald K. and Carol B. Rydell
Robert W. and Janet F. Sabes
Sabes Family Foundation
Salus Mundi Foundation
Parker D. and Isabella Sanders
David B. Sanford and Frank D. Hirschbach*
Santa Fe Institute
David and Leena Santore
Rusdu and Nurdan Saracoglu
Donald C.* and Mary J.* Savelkoul
Richard L. and Maryan S. Schall
Jean Schlemmer
The Nick Schoen Family
The Schubert Club
Hertha J. Schulze
Jeff and Mary Scott
John T. Scott*
William F.* and Zoe W. Sealy
Securian Foundation
Miriam Segall
Michael R. Sieben
Kathryn A. Sikkink
Carol M. and John M. Simpson
Debra A. Sit and Peter H. Berge
Richard H. and Mary Jo Skaggs
Jonathan E. Smaby
Maureen C. Smith
Soka University of America
Southways Foundation
Charles E. Speaks and Family
Janet D. Spector
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Matthew and Terri Stark
Jane A. Starr
Lucille* and Del Stelling
Mary K. and Gary H. Stern
Eldon L.* and Helen H.* Stevens
Gretchen Stieler*
Hannah C. Stocker*
Winnifred Fabel Stockman*
Svenska Institutet
Craig and Janet Swan
Charles B. Sweningsen
Margaret J.* and Kenneth R. Talle
The Target Corporation/Target Stores
Joseph H. Tashjian and Sandra Kay Savik
Ming Li Tchou
Mildred C. Templin*
Tennant Foundation
Clarence L. Torp*
Luther P. and Lou R. Towner
Edward Trach
Travelers Companies and Travelers Foundation
Walter R. McCarthy and Clara M. Ueland
Unico Foundation, Inc.
Union Pacific Foundation
Unisys Corporation
Donald and Janet Voight
WM Foundation
Joyce L. and Daniel F. Wascoe, Jr.
Irving and Marjorie Weiser
Patrick J. Whitcomb and Patty A. Napier
Tod and Linda White
Delvina E. Wiik
Lloyd A. Wilford*
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Elsie P. Worch*
Enza Zeller*

Lifetime gifts or pledges $10,000 - $24,999

3 H Industries
Aaron Copland Fund For Music
Ronald F. Abler
Harold R. Adams
John S. Adams
Russell B. Adams
Kenneth J. and Janet E. Albrecht
Douglas Allchin
James R. and Elaine W. Allen
American Broadcasting Co., Inc.
Craig and Nancy Wilkie Anderson
Mary A. Andres
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Carolyn F. and Daniel J. Ansel
Stephen D. Ansolabehere
Lydia Artymiw and David Grayson
Catherine B. and Frederick M. Asher
Beverly M. and Stephen B. Atkinson
Achilles C. Avraamides
Moya A. and Alan Ball
Jenny Victoria Baker*
Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation
Robert L. and Linda M. Barrows
Merritt L. and Marilyn O. Bartlett
Baxter International Foundation
Northrup* and Myrtle* Beach
Paulina Beato
Charles H. Bell*
John W. and Inga H.* Benson
Robert and Margaret Berdahl
Linda Keillor Berg and David A. Berg
Nicholas E. Berkholtz
Frank and Toby Berman
Caroline A. Blanshard*
The John and Jane Borchert Family
Rick A. Borchert
Sharon L. and Carl A. Borine
Michael A. and Sally Bosanko
Lily T. Brovald
Sheila A. Burke
David R. and Sharon E. Burris-Brown
Jon H. and Roxanne D. Butler
Diane Camp and Paul Leutgeb
Karlyn Kohrs Campbell
Campbell Mithun
Andrew M. and Miriam A. Canepa
Howard C. Carlson
Georgia L. Carmean*
Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation
Allison H. Christensen* and Raymond L. Page*
Hsiao-Lei Chu and Nan-Kuang Chen
Heather M. and Matthew J. Clark
Classical Assn. of the Middle West and South
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Parker M. Congdon*
Gus* and Shirley* Cooper
Crown Equipment Corp.
Claudia Drake Curtis
Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Inc.
Gertrude W.* and Sophus M.* Dahl
S. M. Dahl*
Lenore B. Danielson
Julia W. and Kenneth* Dayton
DDB Needham Worldwide, Inc.
Beatrice Lofgren De Lue*
Amos and Sandra S. Deinard
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Lois E. DeWitt
Hazel F. Dicken-Garcia
Douglas A. Dolliff*
Dee Gaeddert Dorsey and James E. Dorsey
Anna L. Downs and Paul Cohen
George Duncan and Sheryl Kelsey
Dunnette Group LTD
E.I. DuPont De Nemours and Company
E. K. Strong Memorial Foundation
Brian E. Engdahl and Raina E. Eberly
Embassy of Italy
George S. Emery and Lori S. Jennings-Emery
Emma B. Howe Memorial Foundation
Richard Engebretson
Patricia Hill Engel
Gail G. Engerholm
Emogene Becker Evans
Sara M. Evans
Fannie Mae Foundation
David L. and Susan K. Ferguson
John K.* and Elsie Lampert* Fesler
Kevin W. Finn and Michele E. Fraser
Finnish American Social Club
Robert C. Flink
Florence Kanee Fund
Florida International University Foundation, Inc.
F. P. L. Group Foundation, Inc.
Robert E. and Dorothy Flynn
Abraham Franck
Bonita and William Frels
Thomas L. Friedman
Henry E. Fuldner
Andrew L. Galaway
Aina Galejs
Francis C. Gamelin
Norman* and Edith* Garmezy
William and Beth Geiger
George or Lillith Burner Foundation
George W. Patton and Mary Burnham Patton Foundation
German-American Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Heidi Gesell
Helen J. and William R. Gladwin
Marie K. and David L. Goblirsch
Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg
Gayatri and Zakkula Govindarajulu*
Kenneth L. Graham*
Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Greek Ministry of Culture
Lawrence and Ronya Greenberg
Willard A. Greenleaf
Jean M. and Edward M. Griffin
Dalos W. Grobe
Gustavus Adolphus College
Guthrie Theater
Helen M. Hacker
Herman F. Haeberle*
James J. Hahn
Milton D. Hakel
Patrice A. and Gerald P. Halbach
Mark Chatterton and Julia Halberg
Kathleen A. Hansen
Richard A. and Linda S. Hanson
Harcourt Brace and Company
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
George Hatzisavvas
Casper H. and Mary Hegdal
Claire K. Hekman
Emily J.* and Walter W. Heller*
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Mary Kay Hicks
Wallace G. and Deborah B. Hilke
Michael and Judy Hopp
Graham B. Hovey*
John R. and Judith J. Howe
Zenas W. and Susanne L. Hutcheson
IBM Corporation
International MultiFoods Charitable Foundation
Barbara D. Jackson
Charlotte W. Januschka
Irene K. K. and J. Vernon Jensen
Jerome Foundation
Jacqueline Jodl and James Viceconte
John and Mary R. Markle Foundation
John Wiley and Sons
Earl L. and Beverly R. Johnson
Johnson and Johnson
Paul E. Joncas*
Marguerite G.* and Chester R. Jones*
Peter R. Kann
Paul and Sarah Karon
Karon Family Foundation, Inc.
Diane Katsiaficas and Norman Gilbertson
Thomas A. Keller III
Michael and Helene Keran
Eva C. Keuls
Margaret A. Keyes
Kidder Peabody Foundation*
Judith M. Kirby
Solveig M. and Victor H.* Kramer
Steven Krikava and Linda Singer
John and Nanciann Kruse
Sharon K. Thompson Kuusisto
Janice M. and Dr. Joseph J.* Kwiat
Dorothy E. Lamberton
Steven J. Lambros
Thomas and Anne LaMotte
Land O'Lakes Foundation
Lawrence A. and Mary J. Laukka
Fred and Catherine Lauritsen
David and Randy Lebedoff
Helga Leitner and Eric S. Sheppard
Lerner Foundation
Lilliput Foundation
Diane M. and David M. Lilly
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Lincoln Park Zoological Society
Russell C. Lindgren* and Anne Winslow Lindgren*
Janice O. and John D. Lindstrom
Howard and Roberta Liszt
John Y. and Marjorie C. Loper
Sidney Lyons*
David J. Madson
Mark and Charlie's Gay Lesbian Fund for Moral Values
Marquit-Grieser Fund
Martin Marietta Corporation Foundation
Andreu Mas-Colell
Lawrence J. and Andrea K. McGough
McVay Foundation
Robert and Wanda McCaa
Mildred McClellan
Aileen* and George McClintock
Sheila J. McNally
Mary Myers McVay
Christopher M. Meadows and Barbara Reid
Merrill Lynch and Co. Foundation, Inc.
Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic
Shirley P. Moore
Marion S. Moulton*
Mary N. Mullaney*
Joseph J. and Priscilla J. Nauer
NCS Pearson, Inc.
Nederlandse Taalunie
Jon D. Nelson
William C. Nelson*
New Pioneers
New York Times Co. Foundation, Inc.
Alice Park Newman
Charles N. Newstrom
Katherine and Stuart Nielsen
Earl and Judy Nolting
Steven Ruggles and Lisa Norling
Northwest Airlines
Monica B. Novak
Linda Odegard
Josep C. Oliu
Rhoda C. and Gregory L. Olsen
Craig N. and Elizabeth A. Ordal
Coleen Pantalone
Marcia Motley Patterson
June D.* and Theodore C.* Paulson
Marilyn K. H. and Steven W. Peltier
Personnel Decisions International
Elaine D. and Erland K. Persson
Pharmaceutical Research/ Manufacturers of America
Morton B. and Pauline Phillips
Photo Marketing Association International
Ellen F. and John S. Pillsbury III
Philip W. Pillsbury, Jr.
Pillsbury Company and Pillsbury Company Foundation
Polish American Congress
Polish National Alliance
Wayne E. and Virginia L. Potratz
Pragmatic C. Software Corp.
Prudential Financial, Inc. and the Prudential Foundation
Psi Chi
Sylvia A. Quast
Qwest and Qwest Foundation
Gwendoline L. Reid*
Joanne Wright Reierson and Lars A. Reierson
Harold E.* and Louise A.* Renquist
M. and J. Rice
Right Management Consultants
Charles* and Evelyn Ritz*
Harold and Ruth Roitenberg
Florane* and Jerome Rosenstone*
Falsum Russell*
Ruth Schaefer Trust
S. C. Johnson Fund
Florence Saloutos*
Donald C.* and Mary J.* Savelkoul
Eileen A. Scallen
Lili Hall Scarpa and Andrea Scarpa
Sage Ann D'Aquila Scheer
William W. and Mary A. Seeger
Stephen R. and Mary Jane Setterberg
Myrna H. and E. Joe Shaw, Jr.
Thomas J. Shroyer and Nan K. Sorensen
Marjorie Sibley*
John A. Simler
Simon Fraser University
Dennis A. Simonson and Pamela J. Alsbury
Joseph A. Sirola
Sit Investment Associates, Inc.
and Sit Investment Associates Foundation
George G. Sitaramiah*
Charles K. and Susanne M. Smith
SmithKline Beecham Corporation and SmithKline Beecham Foundation
Norma B.* and James A.* Smutz
Michael and Betty Anne Soffin
Eugene A. and Joan E. Sommerfeld
Frank J. Sorauf
Margaret Spear
Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
Victor N. Stein*
Glenn and Mary Steinke
Edwin O. Stene*
James M. Sternberg
Lorraine Gonyea Stewart
Virginia and Frederick Stohr
Patrick J. Strother and Patricia Henning
Donald F. and Virginia H. Swanson
Kristin G. Sweeney
Paul A. and Lucienne J. Taylor
TCF Corporation, Bank and Foundation
Arlene A. Teraoka and James A. Parente, Jr.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Robert J.* and Clarine M.* Tiffany
Kenneth E. and Rachel Tilsen*
Hamilton P. Traub*
Jose Trujillo
Mary C. Turpie*
Twin Cities Opera Guild, Inc.
U.S. Bancorp and U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Robert A. Ulstrom
UNICO National Twin Cities Metro Chapter
Union Pacific Corp.
United Fund For Finnish American Archives
University of Minnesota Band Alumni Society
UPS Foundation, Inc.
US Bank
Mildred J. Vacarella
Michele Vaillancourt and Brent Wennberg
Stephanie Cain Van D'Elden
Veritas Software Global Corp.
Ceil T. Victor*
Neal F. Viemeister and Virginia M. Kirby
Lori A. Vosejpka
FlorenceMae Waldron
David and Mary Ann Wark
Jean Dain Waters
Gerhard and Janet* Weiss
Barbara and William Welke
Wells Fargo and Company
Wells Fargo Foundation
Dare L.* and William F.* White
Lawrence White
Wendy J. Wildung
Emily K. Wilson
Donald L. Winkelmann
John B. Wolf*
Milton P. Woodard*
World Population Fund
Xcel Energy
Yamaha Musical Products, Inc.
Mary L. and Jack Yanchar
E. W.* and Betty* Ziebarth
Gloria B. and Robert E. Zink

Heritage Society (all future gifts to CLA)

Mark L. and Sharlene Rivi Alch
Joan Aldous
James R. and Elaine W. Allen
Harvey L. Anderson
Keith H.* and Martha S. Anderson
Neil P. Anderson
Dominick J. Argento and Carolyn Bailey-Argento*
Manouch and Lila M. "Peggy" Azad
Ayers Bagley and Marian-Ortolf Bagley
Beverly Balos and Mary Louise Fellows
Carol and George* Barquist
Robert Beck* and Corrie W. Ooms Beck
Earl C. Benson
Nicholas E. Berkholtz
Gertrude L. Berndt
Daryl Bible
Thelma Boeder
Lee A. Borah, Jr.
Sally Bordwell*
Richard A. and Nancy M. Borstad
Cheryl Lynne Hubbard Brown
Joan Calof
Carmen and Jim Campbell
James D. Catalano
William J. M. Claggett
Edward G. Clark, Jr.*
Walter T. Connett*
Harold and Phyllis* Conrad
Roy D. Conradi
Patrick Corrigan
S. M. Dahl*
Carolynne Darling
Donna C. Davis
Joyce Ekman Davis and John G. Davis*
Marjorie J. and Wendell J. DeBoer
Hannah Kellogg Dowell*
Jean M. Ebbighausen
N. Marbury Efimenco*
Jean M. Ehret
Joan A. Enerson and Kenneth M. Anderson
Donald E. and Lydia K.* Engebretson
Emogene Becker Evans
William E. Faragher
Judy Farmer
Ted Farmer
Harold D. and Mary Ann Feldman
Norma C. and John R. Finnegan, Sr.
Edward and Janet Foster
Katie and Rick Fournier
Alan P. and Yvonne G. Frailich
William L. French
Francis C. Gamelin
Thomas A. and Erica M. Giorgi
Helen J. and William R. Gladwin
Mary and Steven Goldstein
Natalie Ann De Lue Gonzalez
Sheila M. Gothmann
Andrea K. Goudie
Persis R. Gow
Norman E. and Helen Rachie Groth
Cathy J. E. Gustafson
Helen M. Hacker
Gail and Stuart Hanson
Susan M. Hanson
Gladys Lorraine Hefty*
Norma J. Hervey
Lawrence J. and Carol J. Hill
Dona M. and Thomas P.* Hiltunen
Gordon and Louella Hirsch
Lisa Vecoli and Marjean V. Hoeft
Joan Vivian Hoffmann
Grace E. Holloway
Jean McGough Holten
John S. Holten*
Deborah L. Hopp
Marc H. Hugunin and Alice M. Pepin
Leonid Hurwicz* and Evelyn Jensen Hurwicz
James J. Jenkins and Winifred Strange
Clayton and Jean* Johnson
Wendell J. and Elizabeth Josal
Dennis R. Johnson and Mary K. Katynski-Johnson
Clayton Kaufman
Joyce M. and C. Christopher Kelly
William H. and Madoline D.* Kelty
Beverly J. Kespohl
Terence E. Kilburn
Stephanie L. Krusemark
Steve and Sarah Kumagai
James M. Kushner
Sharon K. Thompson Kuusisto
Frauncee L. Ladd
Bruce A. Larson
Rosalind L. Laskin
Fred and Catherine Lauritsen
Billie C. Lawton
Michael C. and Lynda R. Le May
Jerry Ledin
Mary F. Lewis
Ronald L. and Judith A. Libertus
Benjamin Y. H. and Helen C. Liu
Serge E. Logan
John Y. and Marjorie C. Loper
Stephanie K. and Warren L. Lundsgaard
Kim Max Lyon
Warren and Nancy MacKenzie
David J. Madson
Thomas S. and Kaylen K. Maple
Carol K. March
David and Marilyn Maxner
Steven E. Mayer
Jacqueline G. McCauley
Stephen G. McGraw
R. F. "Pinky" McNamara
Valerie Meyer-DeJong and Mitchell T. DeJong
Lola M. Miller
Kathryn U. Moen
Carol C. Moore
Joseph P. Moritz
Marion S. Moulton*
Joseph J. and Priscilla J. Nauer
Sandra K. Nelson
Arnie and Judy Ness
Charles M. Nolte*
Earl and Judy Nolting
Margaret and John* Nordin
J. Douglas O'Brien, Jr.
Patrick A. O'Dougherty
Linda Odegard
William T.* and Jeanne A. Ojala
Amy L. Olson
John A. and Diane J. Opsahl
Roger* and Mary Anne Page
Darwin Patnode
June D.* and Theodore C.* Paulson
Deanna Freer Peterson
Carol L. Pine
Robert H. Putnam
Bruce and Sara Qualey
Marjorie A. Ransom
Harvey D. Rappaport
Ruth Willard Redhead
Armand A. and Madeleine S.* Renaud
Katherine* and W. Gardner Roth*
Robert P. Sands and Sally Glassberg Sands
David B. Sanford and Frank D. Hirschbach*
Eileen A. Scallen
Richard L. and Maryan S. Schall
Thomas D. Schoonover and Ebba Wesener Schoonover
General Dennis and Pamela Schulstad
Joseph E. Schwartzberg
Terry E. Shima and Margaret A. Lutz
Richard H. and Mary Jo Skaggs
Charles K. and Susanne M. Smith
Terrence L. Smith
Norma B.* and James A.* Smutz
Verlyn and Bette Soderstrom
Paul and Rose Solstad
Frank J. Sorauf
Glenn and Mary Steinke
Lorraine Gonyea Stewart
Tom H. and Arlene M. Swain
Raymond J. and Elvira A.* Tarleton
Thomas L. Thompson*
Stephanie Cain Van D'Elden
Joy Winkie Viola
Gerald Vizenor and Laura Hall
Phillip A. Voight
Donn L. Waage
Jean Worrall Ward
William D. Wells
Sandra K. Walberg Westerman
Patrick J. Whitcomb and Patty A. Napier
Marian W. and O. M. Wilson*
Marvin and Elayne Wolfenson
Max S.* and Cora R. Wortman
Tom and Liz Yuzer



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