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An Argument for Agility

The ability to negotiate quickly and even unconsciously between conceptual and practical action is embedded in the distinctive education provided by the liberal arts.
By James A. Parente, Jr., Dean

The Lives They Led

Thank You to Our Donors

Bound to Please

On a Personal Note

Who knows where a liberal arts degree will lead? Where did your degree take you?
Let us know at clareach@umn.edu.

For the Love of Learning

Putting It Together

After traumatic brain injury
By Joel Hoekstra

Untangling the Web

Turning Temps to Tunes

Thinking Big

Songs for Her Father

Lary May at CLA: It's a Wrap

The Existential Freshman

Sexual Politics -- of Chimps

Creativity and the Agile Mind

How they work, how to make them work better
By Susan Perry



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