Visionaries: Reframing our World

A section of planet Earth seen from outer spaceSome say we live in an Age of Irony--when it's hip to be cynical, cool to mock dreamers, and many of our popular movies are apocalyptic. One wonders where such a downward-spiraling perspective could possibly lead a nation and a world.

But we see things differently at CLA. We have plenty of reasons to nurture positive perspectives, and among them are our 1,500 graduate students.

Extraordinarily bright, and partnering with faculty who are among the best in the world in their respective fields, these scholars are up-and-coming thought-leaders, researchers, teachers, artists, business and political leaders--creators of the future.

Today, as they pursue master's and doctoral degrees, CLA grad students are tackling such important issues of our time as climate change, human rights, immigration, water scarcity, and mental health.

What I hope you'll notice as you read about them in this issue of Reach is how optimistic they are, how they are meticulously constructing their arguments and projects--based on knowledge of their disciplines, fueled by imagination and good will.

They believe that what they are learning and creating here at CLA can help them make the world a better place, and they are building their professional lives on that commitment.

We celebrate them because they will prove the cynics wrong, because they are the leaders our world needs now. They are visionaries.

- Mary Pattock, editor

The Making of a Conductor
Benjamin Klemme, candidate for Doctor of Musical Arts in orchestra conducting

The Science of Moving From War to Peace
Shannon Golden, Ph.D. candidate in sociology

Arab Americans in Movies: the Cultural "Other"
Waleed Mahdi, Ph.D. candidate in American studies

Organizing Chaos: Creativity or Psychosis?
Rachael Grazioplene, Ph.D. candidate in psychology

Law Enforcement: More is Not Always Better
David Perez-Reyna and Enoch Hill, Ph.D. candidates in economics

Help for Water-starved Countries
Basil Mahayni, Ph.D. student in geography

Finding Iris
Fiction by Jonathan Escoffery, MFA candidate in creative writing



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