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Recipe for a Global Education

What does it take to prepare students for today's globalized world?

Put It In Writing

The masterminds of the U's Undergraduate Writing Initiative are bringing a new kind of relevance to writing instruction - even in our fast-paced text-message world.

Putting Access on the MAP

The "face" of CLA is changing, thanks to initiatives such as the McGuire Academic Program, which supports high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds.

The Scientific Mystique

What do scientists think about while they're hunched over microscopes for hours on end? Hear from four scholars examining the growing field of “science studies":

4 Takes on War

Four CLA scholars are searching for answers for the reasons why we wage war. They're studying the causes, consequences, and lessons of wars in Central Asia, Iraq, and beyond.

  • Neverending Wars: Ann Hironaka contemplates the root causes of neverending wars.
  • A Question of Rhetoric: Ron Krebs considers the trade-offs that are made during war-time and what impact these have when the war is over.

  • Closeup on Intervention:Colin Kahl spent time in Iraq and in the Department of Defense to get a measure of how the U.S. is meeting its wartime obligations.

  • Research on the Front Lines: Kathleen Collins persists in her Central Asian clan politics research--despite some personal risk.



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