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Poetics of Cinema

Portrait: Hisham Bizri.
Filmmaker Hisham Bizri turns everyday life into visual poetry with an emotional pulse. In April it was announced that he won the 2008-2009 Rome Prize. Learn more

The Giving Trees


By reading the details of a landscape, physical geographer Suzy Ziegler helps Minnesota make sound decisions about preserving and maximizing the quality of undeveloped land. Learn more

Drinking from the Fire Hose

Portrait: Gary Schwitzer. These days, medical information and health news coverage is everywhere—online, on television, on magazine covers. But are we parched in the deluge? Learn more

Deep Impact

Professor Dan KerstenNeuroscientist Dan Kersten works to understand how the space in front of us is processed visually by the brain, allowing us to negotiate on a second-to-second basis--driving a car through traffic, maneuvering a pen over paper, dribbling a basketball toward a net. Learn more.



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