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The Art of Life on the Mississippi

An MFA student helps Twin Cities teens draw new meaning from life by the river.
by Mary Pattock

Beyond Borders

Great migrations are continuously changing our world. To get a handle on a topic this vast, CLA scholars must cross borders of a different kind.
by Joe Kimball

Connecting Common Chords

His passion is partnership. David Myers, the School of Music's new director, wants to "connect education with the rich world of music as it exists in real life."
by Mary Ann Feldman

Building a Future for CLA

CLA's new dean, James A. Parente, Jr., talks about how the college will thrive in the 21st century.
interview by Mary Pattock

Speaking of Language

If culture is the prism through which we view the world, language is our attempt to order that world and give it meaning. At the U of M, nearly 40 language options provide a wealth of cultural opportunity.
by Judy Woodward

Glittery Digitry

Ahhh, the good old days.
by Mary Shafer

Leo's Legacy

Mechanism Design
Decades ago, the late U of M economist Leo Hurwicz developed an abstract theory called "mechanism design." Just months before his death in June, he was honored with a Nobel Prize for the theory, which now shapes solutions to some of the world's most mind-boggling problems. But what on earth is it?
By Douglas Clement

Dear Mr. President

If you had five minutes alone with president-elect Barack Obama, what would you tell him? Our experts have their say.
by Danny Lachance

On fulfilling the promise of the liberal arts

The Internet: Face-off with Academia

CLA faculty members talk about issues regarding student online research, the Wiki-ization of knowledge, and the role of academia as a gatekeeper for knowledge.



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