July 13, 2007

Space Crafts

We may take for granted the spaces we inhabit, but CLA scholars who study space and place don't. From the cul-de-sacs of suburbs to the berths of trans-Pacific cargo ships, we shape and inhabit space—and are shaped by it—in ways that have profound implications in our lives.

By Danny LaChance

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July 27, 2007

Deep Impact

Professor Dan KerstenNeuroscientist Dan Kersten works to understand how the space in front of us is processed visually by the brain, allowing us to negotiate on a second-to-second basis—driving a car through traffic, maneuvering a pen over paper, dribbling a basketball toward a net. Learn more.

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A year ago, Alaska Senator Tad Stevens became the dunce of the day when he referred to the Internet as a “series of tubes” on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Stevens’s wording might have been crude, but it raised an honest question. What, exactly, is the Internet?

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