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A year ago, Alaska Senator Tad Stevens became the dunce of the day when he referred to the Internet as a "series of tubes" on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Stevens's wording might have been crude, but it raised an honest question. What, exactly, is the Internet?

Deep Impact

Professor Dan KerstenNeuroscientist Dan Kersten works to understand how the space in front of us is processed visually by the brain, allowing us to negotiate on a second-to-second basis--driving a car through traffic, maneuvering a pen over paper, dribbling a basketball toward a net. Learn more.

Trading Spaces

Kale Fajardo finds that despite the idea that we live in a small world, the connections that space and technology facilitate can also reinforce cultural identification.

Haunted Places

Space may be a language, but in some cases, place is what we turn to when language fails, when we can't adequately express the contradictory, inchoate feelings we have about the past. To illustrate that point, associate professor of geography Karen Till recounts a story told by Hanno Loewy, director of the Frankfurt Center for Holocaust Studies.

Scenes from the Mall

On a recent stroll down the Mall in Washington, D.C., Elaine Tyler May flashed on a conversation she'd had almost two decades ago inside the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. Her son Daniel, ten at the time, had been gazing, mouth agape, at the planes suspended from the ceiling.



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