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With a commitment to modern Greek studies, Nicholas Kolas honors his heritage—and an old friend.

The Internet: Face-off with Academia

CLA faculty members talk about issues regarding student online research, the Wiki-ization of knowledge, and the role of academia as a gatekeeper for knowledge.

The Borders of Freedom

In a world of disappearing and permeable borders, are we really more free? Is the "globalized" world flat or just a slippery slope? A sociologist, a human geographer, a historian, and a political scientist weigh in.

Rain Man

To find material for his dissertation on art and politics, graduate student Adam Bahner can simply look in the mirror.

It's Beautiful

CLA grad Jeff Bauer is helping to change lives through art.

Ring Shouter

Yuichiro Onishi is changing the way we think about race.

CLA faculty make their marks on CLA, Minnesota, and the world.

Building Makes Him Happy

Graduate student Justin Stewart turns everyday things into award-winning sculpture.
By Pauline Oo

Musical Sights

A picture may be worth a thousand words. But for students in CLA music classes, they are also worth a thousand notes.

Teens, Sex and Mental Health

Sociologist Ann Meier looks at the affects of sex on teens' mental health. Adapted from a story by Rick Moore, University Relations



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