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October 29, 2009

Introducing the 2009-2010 CLARION Board

Coordinating Chair: Rob Nichols

Administrative Chair: Sara Mathew

Recruitment Chair: Kathy Olson

Competition Co-Chairs: Lindsey Niswanger & Anna Grossbach

Public Relation Co-Chairs: Melinda Beard & Amanda Tufano

Fundraising Chair: Julie Quello

Finance Chair: Ryan Christensen

General board members:Amanda Rodrigues, Ling Xu, Preethi Krishnan, Jessica Oetting, Wade Swenson, Kevin Rank & Saundra Hartmann

2009 National Case Competition DVD

Please contact Gina Kundan at kunda002@umn.edu for a copy of the 2009 National Case Competition DVD. A limited number of copies are available.