April 26, 2010

Introducing the CLARION Board for 2010-11

Welcome and congratulations to the newly elected CLARION student board! These University of Minnesota students will serve in the following positions for the 2010-11 academic year:

Coordinating Chair - Saundra Hartmann
Finance Chair - Rachel Hartjes
Fundraising Chair - Neesha Nerurkar
Case Competition Co-Chairs - Anna Grossbach & Brandon Ferlas
Event Chair - Bethany Hyde
PR/Recruitment Chair - Riddhi Waghdhare
General Executive Board Members - Heather Dekan & Maria Agunsoye
Alumni Chairs - Rob Nichols, Jeff Sugandi, Jessica Rosenkvist & Wade Swenson
Administrative Chair - Richard Guo

March 18, 2009

CLARION Board Position Descriptions

Coordinating Chair (Ling Xu at
Shall preside over all meetings of CLARION and shall be responsible for the smooth, timely, and efficient operation of the organization by providing meeting agendas and coordinating the planning of all CLARION activities. He/She shall facilitate effective collaboration among the Board Members, faculty advisors, and AHC. This person will be non-voting member of the CLARION council and shall vote only in a tie.

Finance Chair (Travis Sherman at
The Finance Chair (FC) has accountability for the formation and management of the annual operating budget and overseeing various fundraising and financial activities. The position requires articulate communication between various stakeholders including CLARION Board Members, vendors, and supporting individuals and organizations. In monitoring spending, the position requires the individual to leverage financial resources in supporting the mission, vision, and pillars of CLARION in present and future endeavors.

Fundraising Chair (Bryan Bauck at
Shall work to obtain financial support from local hospitals, health professional organizations, GAPSA and AHC. This includes sending letters to potential donors, working with donor organizations to obtain financial support and applying for funding from AHC and GAPSA. This person will work closely with the Finance Chair to ensure the financial viability of CLARION.

Case Competition Chair (Preethi Krishnan at and Jessica Oetting Rosenkvist
This position is shared between two individuals. They shall be responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and organizing of (1) the local case competition and (2) annual CLARION local events. They are NOT responsible for carrying out each task related to these events individually. Rather, they need to understand what is required and then ensuring that those things are accomplished. They shall work closely with the Event Chair, Finance Chair, Public Relations Chair, and the General Executive Board Member.

Event Chair
Shall see to all the logistics of coordinating CLARION events. Including procuring a suitable room, obtaining food, clean-up, and finding a suitable event date with CHIP. During these events, the Chair will be present to ensure the event details run smoothly and efficiently. The Chair will also work closely with Public Relations, Case Competition, and Social Chair.

Public Relations Chair (Kelly Knorr at
Shall effectively promote group membership and CLARION events to the Academic Health Center, Master of Healthcare Administration, faculty and staff, and current practitioners. This includes the creation, maintenance, and distribution of brochures, flyers, poster boards, newsletters, emails, and attendance of promotional events such as the student activities fairs in order to promote CLARION. Utilizing the network and contacts made through this position, this person shall be integral to fundraising opportunities. This person shall also work closely with the Events Chair, Finance and IT/Secretary Chair.

Administrative Chair (Rob Nichols at
Shall maintain all CLARION communications by reporting minutes to the CLARION Executive Board and relate general happenings to the general CLARION body. This person shall maintain the CLARION website by working with the AHC webmasters, create email lists, log developments for historical purposes (summarized in monthly installments), and maintain a storage site for the CLARION Executive Board. This person shall work closely with the Public Relations Chair.

Governance/Historian Chair (Brain Lee at
Shall regulate, modify, and ensure the continuation of the CLARION constitution will be upheld by the organization. In addition, this person shall be in charge of elections and the information source for any question to the structure of CLARION. This person shall also maintain and attend to all the details required of being a Campus Life organization of the University of Minnesota. This person shall work closely with the Administrative Chair to ensure documentation of Executive Board meetings and CLARION events.

General Executive Board Chairs (Steve Mandt at; Kristen Neigebauer at; Wade Swenson at; Andrea Westby at
Function as a board member that will be responsible for a variety of tasks depending on the current needs and initiatives of the CLARION board such as running elections, being in charge of membership drives and recruitment efforts, and help run events. These members will all have one vote on the executive board and will participate in executive board meetings. At this time, there will be four General Executive Board members.

Alumni Chair
Shall work to inform and include past participants in CLARION events, develop and maintain an accurate Alumni Database and work to develop an alumni newsletter.