March 6, 2006

Help your community welcome new Minnesotans

Minnesota Community Campaign Announces a New Resource to Help Your Community Welcome New Minnesotans

The Minnesota Community Campaign launched the New Minnesotans toolkit last November, a resource to increase education and awareness about immigrants in Minnesota.
The toolkit includes:

*25-minute video
*user-friendly discussion and activity guide
*resources to help promote community dialogue

The cost of the New Minnesotans Toolkits are $20 to individuals, communities, schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Check out for more information.

To order:
Angela Delmedico, Neighborhood House
Ph: 651-789-2571

March 3, 2006

ARLD Dialogue: Culturally-competent Librarianship

Hello everyone!

Here is the Powerpoint that Phuoc and I created for the ARLD Dialogue on Culturally-competent Librarianship. Feel free to download it :Download file.

Let's continue the conversation!