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Contact Part 2

I am a nature lover as far as the next person. I was voted "most likely to be found outdoors" by my fellow graduating classmates in 2005. My nature experiences are nothing supernatural although there is an uncommon peace that surrounds a place that is earth's natural apparel. I have taken many walks and hikes through terrain that shadows the description given by Mitchell. I fully agree that it is in the quiet emptiness where we are able to confront our most inner thoughts. I also am not trying to deny the fact that rugged unaltered nature seems like a sacred place, places where very few have tread before. Climbing the mountains with Moses and entering the holy places, a place where only the chosen are allowed to enter.
A romantic picture of the west has always occurred as the American frontier and the challenges that surround them. In an untamed world, the excitement of survival overcomes the fear and anxiety of a world unknown. An experience such as that cannot be compared to the landscaped greens that surround our everyday living. A mild mannered squirrel is nothing against the forced beauty of a prowling mountain lion. How we are to contact nature in either case is up to the individual. A portion of people are able to get the ‚Äúnature high,‚Ä? if you will, in a small lawn surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers and frisky active squirrels. Others are immune to such a scene, the need for a higher dose, like an addict increasing the potency of a drug. Their experience in the end brings them to the same state of mind as the squirrel watcher, but in a much different place.