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CopyWRONG Final Work

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Here is an 11x17 pdf of the final work I created for the CopyWRONG project. I have included the original museum image, four of my remixes, and my favorite remix with a description of my design process.


Here is a link to my 11x17 pdf


Museum Remix

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These are my museum remixes of David Erickson's oil painting, "Morning of Life". I tried a variety of ways to manipulate them in order to determine what is violating copy right laws and what isn't. I realized that most of my images would not be questioned as violating copy right laws because the subject has been removed or the texture has been changed. Where the subject is still obvious, is where this violation occurs, like in my second remix where I changed the color image to black and white.


Here is a link to all of my remixes:

Image from Tweed Collection

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For the next assignment I am choosing to work with...

Image name: Morning of Life
Artist name: David Axel Ericson

Info: "The grand theme of life's journey as seen through the eyes of innocent youth is the subject of this painting, which features the artist's son (David Barnard Ericson, Jr.) at three years old, dramatically poised between the Lake Superior shore and a vast expanse of open water."

Why I like this image: I like this image because it is very beautiful and I love the curiosity in the child's face. I think the soft painting technique captures the emotion of the scene well. The color combination, light shades of blue and grey show to me that the curiosity in the child's face isn't scared but calming.


About Me

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My name is Heidi! I am a senior at the University of Minnesota Duluth studying graphic design and business.

Winter Remix Project Images

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For the first project in Digital Studio II we built a bank of winter images. We created winter remixes using everyones different photos. I made 10 remixes as well as a mock up of a winter remix installation piece that could be installed in the Viz Lab.


Here is a link to a photo gallery:


Here is my idea for an installation...
Originally we started this project out as multiple compositions made out of a 12x12 square set up in a grid. I wanted to continue this theme of a grid in my installation piece only at a larger scale.


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