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VIZ Lab Collaborative Project

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We finally finished our collaborative project yesterday. My group was in charge of putting together an installation that covered the windows outside of the VIZ lab. We used my mock up design as the basis of our design, but ended up making a few changes along the way. Because of the costs of printing several images in color, we decided to change my original idea of all color images, to mostly black and white with a few colored squares. Another change that we made to my original design was the size of the squares. It was more economical to print in smaller scale so the sizes we used were 10x10 8x8 and 3x3. This made creating a grid out of all of the pieces a little bit more difficult, so we had to rearrange some of the images to fit accordingly. Overall, I am very pleased with our final product. It brings attention to the windows, but also provides some privacy for the students and staff working inside the lab. As spring evolves, so could our design by adding more colored squares and replacing the winter remixes with spring remixes.

Final Product:


Digital Focus Plan

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For my digital focus this semester I want to work with mixed media and animation. l am going to use these mediums to tell the story, The Stars in the Sky, originally an English fairy tale written by Joseph Jacobs. I am using an adapted version by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, Kate Douglas Wiggin, and Nora Archibald Smith.

The story is about a little girl who dreams of touching the stars in the sky. After she can't control the urge any longer, she gets up in the middle of the night and travels along in search of the stars. She encounters a mill wheel, a brook, some fairies (fireflies), Four Feet (a horse), No Feet (a fish), and the Stairs without Steps (a rainbow) who all help her find the stars. The little girl eventually finds the stars, but then wakes up in her bed with the sun shinning on her wondering if she had really touched the stars or if it was only a dream, but then she opens her hand to find star dust, and believes it may have been true.

The story plays off of a child's imagination and how they interpret reality, like when she asks the mill wheel where to find the stars and the mill wheel responds with, "Ah, yes, groaned the old mill wheel. Every night they shine in my face from the surface of this pond until I cannot sleep. Jump in, my lass, and you will find them." In reality the stars just reflecting into the pond, they cannot be caught this way, and a mill wheel doesn't actually talk.

I want to take this imaginative imagery and create a short animation telling this story. I want to use mixed media, like textured paper, or found objects and scan them into my computer to digitally create the different pieces of the story. I attached a few images of the visual style I want to achieve, as well as a link to the full story.

The Stars in the Sky

Artists who have inspired me for this project...

Martin Haake- He is an illustrator and often works in a collage style. I like his work because of the different textures and colors that came from combining different elements. Here is an example of his work.


Liam Smith- Also known as Mr. Brightside. He is an illustrator, loves creating characters and experimenting with textures. This is really similar to the visual style I want to have in my project. Here are a few examples of his work.


Eugene Yoon- He is an 11th grader who created this mixed media project titled, ''Circus.'' I found this piece published in the Washington Post. I liked it because it is an interesting way to tell a story. There are many different things happening with it that I enjoyed, especially the pop up effect. I am going for an animated narrative but I still felt inspired by the different textures he used. Here is a link to it:


Freek Van Haagen- He is an illustrator and animator. I liked this piece of his called "Broken" because he told a story with just music and minimal animation, it was done mostly with camera angles. Here is a link to his video:


Diane Jackson- The Snowman is a children's book by English author Raymond Briggs, published in 1978. In 1982, this book was turned into a 26-minute animated movie by Dianne Jackson. This is a movie I used to watch when I was younger. It is done with only animation and music. The music is done by Howard Blake. Here is a link to the video:

"The Snowman"
(Start at 1:52)

My Past Work...
I have chosen two pieces of my work that are similar to what I want to do for my digital focus project. I created a digital narrative for my Graphic Design II class last semester where I had to tell a story using image and text from the book, Einstein's Dreams. I chose an image from that narrative that shows how I used different elements to create texture. I scanned in found materials and used that combined with my digital work to create one piece. The other piece of work I chose is a commercial I made in my Motion Graphics class for Fed Ex. I used illustrator and animation to create this project. Here are links to these projects:


Fed Ex Commerical

Thumbnail image for vnarrative_Page_01.jpg

Work In Progress...

I have taken the story and divided it into multiple scenes. I have also divided the story into eleven different settings that I will be creating as the backgrounds of my animation. Parts of these backgrounds will also animate. Here is a link to it:


I have also drawn out a storyboard of each setting with a small description of what will be going on in the scene. Here is a link to it:


Materials and Techniques I will use...
For this project I am going to create the outline of the images digitally using illustrator but use different objects as texture to fill them in. Here are two examples of these materials:

IMG.jpg Thumbnail image for IMG_0001.jpg

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