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Critique 3

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I've made some changes to my project idea since last week. As I've been working on sketching out each scene of my story and then creating the same image in illustrator, I've realized that I am really interested in the detail, textures and colors of each scene. I don't think I have enough time to finish the animation and complete the backgrounds how I want them to look. The detail of the images are more important to me right now so I have changed my idea to a children's book. I got this idea from my roommate who is studying elementary education and is in a children's literature class right now. By making a book instead I will have more time to make sure the images convey the correct meaning with the words and have the detail work that I want. In order to make this project still "animated" in a sense... I have two ideas. I am going to have a CD attached to the inside cover of my book that can be played with the book. This will have a woman reading each page out loud and when the page should be turned there will be a chime. This will make it relatable to children. Also I was thinking of making a small flap on each page or every other page that can be folded up to show an image like a frog under a rock or a fox behind a tree. This can make it interactive and have a similar "animated" affect. Since I changed my idea I have some inspirations and past work to show. Here are two children books that have the same style I want to achieve with my book.



Here is a similar project that I did in Digital Studio I a couple years ago. It was a group project where one of my group members illustrations and story was chosen for us to make into a book. We filled it in with water color together and I decided to take the Snow White theme of the book and make the book in the shape of a mirror.



For today's critique I have decided what text to keep in the story and how the text will all be divided onto the pages. I have six pages digital rough drafts done. I have the rest of the images sketched out digitally but not colored in yet... that is what I will be doing the rest of today and tomorrow. For critique next week I will have all of the pages done with a strong rough draft so that next week I can do the close detail work and start figuring out how I want to do the binding. I have the pages of my book layed out in a few different ways so that there is movement in the girl traveling along. I have some pages where the two left and right pages are one image, I some where there are two separate images on the left and right pages and others where it is just text in the middle with no image or a very small one in the corner. Here is some of what I have done right now. I have the rest of my digital outline files on my flashdrive but I left that at home so I will add those later tonight when I get home.


Here is a link to different ways I can go about binding my book. I want to have a strong enough paper so I can do the flap tabs if I choose to do that.


Here is some research I did on children's book with my roommates textbook on children's literature.


I will post the rest of my background images once I fill them in with color... probably tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Critique 2

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I still have a lot to get done before I can start the animation process of this project. I have completed five of the 10 background images in digital outlines and I have almost finished coloring in scene 2. I have decided on the color scheme I want to use, consisting of Pink, green, blue, and neutral colors with their varying tints and shades. I have decided to keep the little girl character in a white nightgown since she begins the story in bed in the middle of the night. The white color is the same as the moon and the stars of each scene so that the viewer can see where she is headed. For the weekend I will finish all of the background scenes in color so that I am ready to start the animation process of this project. I will need to make a more detailed storyboard of how the animation will work before I get started. I also need to decide on a song for the animation too. I have been looking but haven't really found anything that works for it yet. I came across a Charter Communications commercial that uses animation in a similar way that I want to work with. I liked how they went from scene to scene as well as the various colors and textures they used to create it.






Critique 1


For the first critique I wanted to show the different experimenting I have been doing with textures and techniques. I have taken my sketched storyboard and began making them into digital files using Illustrator. I will keep each of the scenes as one layer, except for any of the pieces that I plan on animating, those will have their own layer so that they can be animated later on in After Effects. I attached scene 1 (the little girls room) as it looks digitally and I have started to fill some of the pieces with textures. I couldn't remember how to fill a shape in with a pattern that I had made so I looked online and found out it is very easy. I scan in the texture that I want to use, place it into an illustrator file and drag the image to the swatches, where it automatically makes my image a new swatch. Then I click on the part of the scene that I want to have that texture and then click on that same swatch, this fills the shape in for me. This is going to make it much easier for me to achieve the style I want. My plan this weekend is to gather all of the textures I want to use for this project and decide on an overall color scheme for the animation as well as specifically what color the character will be in order to have her stand out amongst the backgrounds. I was thinking I would maybe do textured objects and characters, but leave the backgrounds solid colors similar to Liam Smith's style that I showed as inspiration last week. I also want to get two more scenes digitally made this weekend and decide on the music for the animation. My goal is to be animating by week 3 of this project.

How to create patterns in Illustrator

Experimenting with digital files and filling in textures:



Liam Smith inspiration for colors and textures:



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