Critique 2

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I still have a lot to get done before I can start the animation process of this project. I have completed five of the 10 background images in digital outlines and I have almost finished coloring in scene 2. I have decided on the color scheme I want to use, consisting of Pink, green, blue, and neutral colors with their varying tints and shades. I have decided to keep the little girl character in a white nightgown since she begins the story in bed in the middle of the night. The white color is the same as the moon and the stars of each scene so that the viewer can see where she is headed. For the weekend I will finish all of the background scenes in color so that I am ready to start the animation process of this project. I will need to make a more detailed storyboard of how the animation will work before I get started. I also need to decide on a song for the animation too. I have been looking but haven't really found anything that works for it yet. I came across a Charter Communications commercial that uses animation in a similar way that I want to work with. I liked how they went from scene to scene as well as the various colors and textures they used to create it.





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