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VIZ Lab Collaborative Project

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We finally finished our collaborative project yesterday. My group was in charge of putting together an installation that covered the windows outside of the VIZ lab. We used my mock up design as the basis of our design, but ended up making a few changes along the way. Because of the costs of printing several images in color, we decided to change my original idea of all color images, to mostly black and white with a few colored squares. Another change that we made to my original design was the size of the squares. It was more economical to print in smaller scale so the sizes we used were 10x10 8x8 and 3x3. This made creating a grid out of all of the pieces a little bit more difficult, so we had to rearrange some of the images to fit accordingly. Overall, I am very pleased with our final product. It brings attention to the windows, but also provides some privacy for the students and staff working inside the lab. As spring evolves, so could our design by adding more colored squares and replacing the winter remixes with spring remixes.

Final Product:


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