International Social Media

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Social media is utilized on a global scale and it allows for interactions between people living on different continents. People seek to be connected and social media sites act as a platform that enables these relationships. The major social media sites that are well-known and globally used are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The following article discusses emerging social media sites used around the world that allow people to interact on an international level. The article also looks at the change in use of social media outlets over time in different countries regarding the number of current social media users.

It is important to note that opportunity for international relations via social media does not necessarily equate practicality. This is because the social media network used by individuals varies from country to country. For example, while Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media sites in the United States, these networks have been banned from countries like China and periodically Iran. Is It is beneficial for individuals using social media to be culturally aware regarding the sites utilized and permitted internationally. Interestingly, efforts are underway in China to lift the Facebook ban within selected regions used for international trade. For more information on the potential ban-lifting of Facebook in China, check out the following link.

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