September 1, 2005

One Day From Heaven

Tomorrow I finish the massive task of packing up all my shit. Got most of the clothes and stuff done, plus my mountain of dvd's and books (yes I know I'm a nerd I actually read books for fun).

Packing seems so much easier this year compared to last year. Now that I know what to bring and what I'll never you lose, all the frightening amg what to do feelings are no longer around. The only real trouble is fitting my stuff in the van.

Well that and getting through the ride up to the U with my dad.

The guy spazzed on me today just because I asked to bring a bin up so I could put clothes in it. He was all like "I let you bring it last year and never saw it back till you moved back in, it's like 15 bucks down the hole." So something is a waste if you don't get to use it eh. How idiotic is that?! So now I have to unpack all my clothing from it once I move in and lug it back down to give the mizer.

Oh well none of it will matter afterwards. I'll be back with Sara and that's all that matters. OMG it's gonna be so great being with her again, plus having single rooms won't hurt >wink wink nudge nudge<. Probably won't even get my stuff unpacked for a couple days cause I'll just be down in her room lol.

Hopefully I won't have to start work this weekend and can just spend it with her and enjoy being with the one I love. >imagines it< it's gonna be so great.

Anyhoo time to go to bed so I can get my packing done tomorrrow. ONE DAY LEFT WOOHOOO then byebye lame-ass-boring-as-fuck Rochester and hello sara-inhabiting-exciting Minneapolis.


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